Jacob Cohen speaking about Charlie Hebdo.

Jacob Cohen is a Moroccan French writer who has been a staunch anti zionist activist and pro Palestine advocate for decades.

On the 12 March 2012 in a cafe at 109 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, Jacob Cohen was attacked as he was launching his latest book on the Palestinian cause, by members of the Jewish Defense League who filmed the attack before posting it on the internet.  They attacked Cohen for his “militant anti zionism”


Q:  Following the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the media narrative has been dominated by an emotional reaction at the expense of objective analysis.  In your blog you stated that Charlie Hebdo, once a reactionary media outlet, had of late been more influenced by the Zionist lobby.  Could you tell us more?

JC:  It all began with Phillipe Val who launched a financial campaign to gain  control of Charlie Hebdo.  He also made huge financial gains with the tacit blessing of the authorities.  At this time Valls also made a friend of Bernard Levy.  This friendship paid off when he was appointed director of France Inter.  He has since repaid his debt with various pledges: Absolute support of all the “societal” laws.  Countless memorials to the Holocaust.  Condemnation of Hamas and all forms of Palestinian resistance.  Comprehensive analysis of Israeli politics.  Above all the systematic denigration of the Muslim community to stigmatise, humiliate and to provoke them.  As an example, lets remember that Sine ( one of the founders of Hara Kiri) was fired for his caustic comments on the decision of Sarkozy’s son to convert to Judaism in order to be able to marry the Darty heiress.  For a big mouth paper that trumpets its freedom to criticize, this was not a great testament to freedom of speech.
Q:  Riding on a wave of planetary emotion, Frederic Haziza did not hesitate to point the finger at all those who dared criticise Charlie Hebdo and even went so far as to label it as a terrorist act!  What would you say if you came face to face with him?
JC:  Its a Utopian perspective.  Therefore I would send him an indirect message.  Frederic Haziza is playing his part.  The fact that he remains a staunch advocate of Charlie Hebdo corroborates the Judeo Zionist conviction that the media outlet were their ally and that they could rely on him to support them.  Moreover it is one of their ploys to create confusion.  The slogan “Muslim-Islamist-Terrorist” allows them to instill the idea that  Muslims in France will never be able to either evolve or integrate.  Their ideal is to render the Muslims undesirable, incompatible and to drive the majority out of France.  Finkelkraut summarised this ideology ” Islamism has its links with Islam”.  Therefore this religion in itself is rendered problematic for the “living together” in France.  Haziza and associates are disposed towards this ultimate objective.
Q:  Certain dissident cartoonists like the Artiste Mal Pensant laid responsibility at the door of the Hollande Government because he failed to prevent a number of Jihadists leaving France for Syria.  What is your opinion on this claim?
JC:  It is certain that the French Governments of Sarkozy and Hollande have been playing with fire in their destruction of Libya, their bombing of Iraq and their involvement in the armed insurrection against the elected Syrian Government.  But as is often the case, their calculations have a weakness.  The youths that have left for Syria have received a training that they would not otherwise have received.  If we take into account the fact that they already detest the West and Zionism, that for at least two generations they have been submitted to discrimination, harassment specifically against Muslims, we can understand their desire to fight back. We must never generalise but it doesnt take many to set off a chain reaction.  We must also remember there are thousands of young North Africans who could be equally motivated to rise up for the reasons we are all aware of.  It is tragic to think that the French Government would adhere to such an irrational and dangerous policy simply to please the US and Israel.
Q:  Many heads of State gathered in Paris on the 11th January to take part in the “republican march”.  What is your opinion of Netanyahu who took advantage of the opportunity to call Jews from France to make their Aliya (return to Israel)
JC:  First and foremost this is a gathering of hypocrites, leaders without morals or political integrity.  We took part in a masquerade which without doubt has a hidden agenda.  We dont have all this cinema for a protest.  It was an extraordinary “show” which will prepare public opinion to accept
drastic measures that have already been decided upon.  Netanyahu’s presence added a touch of extra cynicism to the scene.  Apart from my abhorrence that such a war criminal should be there I believe it gives a sort of credibility to Israel’s role in combating the ” Islamic terrorist monster”.  As such we must not bother him with “unimportant details” like occupation and colonialisation. The fact that he is calling the French Jews to Aliyah shows that he has achieved impunity.  He is confident.  He comes to France as if she were a conquered country.
.Q:  The four french victims of the Hyper Cacher attack will be buried in Israel.  Does this surprise you?
JC:  I was indeed surprised by this news but less so because I had already understood why from Zionist radio.  In fact, it was not the wishes of the victims.  It was the Zionist authorities in France who put pressure on French community leaders to acquiesce to this request.  Obviously all costs will be paid by the Zionists.  We can picture the scene already…a lavish ceremony with media and political presence to tug on the heart strings.  The tragic destiny of the victims, killed because they are Jewish, and the necessity to create a solid and invulnerable Jewish state to protect all Jews worldwide who will find safety within. What artistry.  We are seeing the re-emergence of Goebbels.  As regards the art of propaganda the Zionists are achieving dizzying heights.
Q:  Finally do you think it will be harder for the Government to attack Dieudonne now that Charlie Hebdo has highlighted freedom of speech.
JC:  I dont think so.  It would be a mistake to think that or even hope for it.  Liberty of expression, yes, more than ever.  But a liberty based in dignity and mutual respect.  Above all not the liberty that allows hate speech.  We have seen what that brings.  Monstrous attacks.  Do we want that to start again?  Why do you think the judeo-zionists, including the buffoon Haziza, have tried to create a link between the attacks and the dissident leaders?  That will be their war horse.  There are two things that will never change.  The cynicism of our system and its double standards.

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