Musings on Zionism

“Zionism is the greatest anti Judaism tool in our society…and will continue to be, until Jews rise up against it and 100% reject its status as their self proclaimed representative. It is no longer enough to wallow in victim status, not for any of us..we all have ultimate responsibility for what happens to us in this world. As much as Muslims are expected to apologise for every atrocity committed in “their name” so must Jews accept that they will be held accountable for the atrocities committed by Zionism until they stand up and cut the cord.”

Vanessa Beeley


The present always casts a light on the past and history tends to repeat itself especially when we don’t learn our lesson . The way colonialists are using Islam is the same way they used Judaism . Previously, colonialists sent Zionist Jews to colonize the Arab World , This was an old project that goes back to the colonization of the new continent itself and some writers even said that weren’t it for the strength of the Turkish Army the first settlers which were the persecuted Puritans would have headed there.

“Zionism was not a Jewish idea , like al Qa’ida and ISIS are not a Muslim idea , it is a way of using and manipulating religion to achieve political ends . The Jews only joined the project later after they were persecuted and incarcerated . Islam is being used, and ISIS and al Qa’ida produced the same way Jews were used and Zionism produced . The Relation of Zionism to Judaism is similar to the relation of al Qa’ida with Islam and this is because they both have the same author.”

Daniel Mabsout

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