President Bashar Al Assad. The Truth from Damascus.

20th December 2015


Earlier this morning, Zionist warplanes struck a residential building in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside killing the famous Hezbollah resistance fighter, Samir Quntar and reportedly massacring up to 9 innocent civilians.  We are still awaiting confirmation of the total number of deaths and casualties from this illegal raid that has been celebrated by members of the Syrian “moderate rebel” opposition…going so far as to thank Israel for their good work.

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See more here at Times of Israel report.

On a day when Israel has violated Syrian airspace yet again and assassinated a Hezbollah leader, Samir Quntar, I have received a comment from a Damascus resident concerning the lies being disseminated regarding President Bashar Al Assad.

His rage at Israel’s blatant disregard of International law and human life was palpable: ~

“Sorry for my language but I fucking hate them [Israel] & now the UN is telling Syria to have elections!

I was at the last elections helping escort people to the polling stations. Al Nusra  [aka “Moderate Rebels” according to Charles Lister and the UK Government] shelled us all day.

Still the people came out in their thousands to vote for Assad.  I was there,  I saw it with my own eyes.  

Then that night BBC and other media said the vote was fixed.  My answer to them is simple….people don’t go through shelling to vote for a man they don’t want.

He was in my [Damascus] suburb a few days ago [2015] and people swamped him kissing him ,children wanting to hug him. “



10 thoughts on “President Bashar Al Assad. The Truth from Damascus.

  1. President Bashar Al Assad is Syria – Syria is Bashar Al Assad. The west will NEVER understand the true relationship between him and the Syrian people as they could NEVER even dream of such a connection with “their” people. It takes psy ops and brainwashing with FAKE stories aka LIES to get the support of western publics. All this man has to do is speak since he talks truth and compassion.
    I feel the same as you when I hear western “news” to the point I can no longer listen. Only foreign news comes into my home these days unless I get links from people I know.

    Thanks for sharing!!!! This latest cross border INVASION was for a state sponsored assassination and I want law suits filed everywhere for ALL victims.

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    • This is cross border invasion from big shaitan.
      Under stood, In the begningn very few people hired
      & increased with bombard with help western media & their partner. They start asking to resign bashar al Assasd.
      We hope soon some peace solution will come out.

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    • All informed people around the globe know the truth. Bashar Al Assad is an academic and anything but a “blood-thirsty despot” as publicized by the western media under the globalists’ control. I can still remember the days just a dozen years ago, when most UK media were describing Assad as a wise and modest governor with reasonable secular policy, and he actually looks quite like a conscientious intelligent individual, a striking contrast with the current Turkish President. What happend meanwhile, God knows. It may well be his resistane against the pressure from the “International Money Lenders” to make the Syrian Central Bank affiliated to the investment banks in the City and Wall Street, as claimed by the “Syrian Girl”. Good Luck to Bashar Al Assad and the whole Syrian people! The world (besides Russia) is behind you.

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