9 thoughts on “Madaya: My interview with UK Column

  1. Thank you for reporting the truth and for your bravery. I would just like to comment that what is happening with the reporting and tweets, is not “propaganda” It is LIES. Deliberate, premeditated, international collaborated lies to reinforce the Western perception that Assad is a monster. Without people like you we would never know the real truth.

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  2. Thank you so much Vanessa Beeley for this thorough explanation of the situation in Syria and in particular in Madaya. Time and again we have witnessed for the past years how propaganda works, how the mainstream media scrupulously use any photographs that meet their aim to make their story look believable. When I hear Hollywood and hollywood actors engaged in politics it always goes conform with Israeli politics. I wonder why…. So Ben Afflek is a tool in their propaganda machine and he either knows or is naive and believes he is helping mankind. Their lies have been revealed and they stand naked. Only more and more people have to learn about it and I will translate your report into German and try and make it available to as many German readers as possible. We can not let them get away with murder! I wish you all the best and please continue with your excellent work which one day will be important proof for crimes against humanity by these Barbarians.

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