SYRIAN VOICES: Abdo Haddad from Maaloula asks Europe a Question.

7th January 2017


Abdo Haddad:

Is Europe Shifting? Right versus Left? Or Right versus Wrong?

When I first visited Poland in February 2016, President Andrzej Duda was newly elected and yet, on the plane towards Warsaw, I grabbed a local newspaper and was stunned by the amount of opposition and criticism this fresh president had (as per the newspaper of course)!!

Knowing a lot of sincere Poles, who were very enthusiastic and hopeful about their newly elected President (who enjoyed great amount of trust and respect among his people), I knew that it is time to throw this newspaper in the garbage and stop using “Turkish Airlines” .

Poland was the first European Nation to show an awakening in regards to internal, regional and international matters in August 2015 when choosing “Law and Justice Party” for parliament majority. Poland was as well the first European Nation (under communism) to shift totally from dictatorship towards democracy in 1989. Same accusations were raised during and after both events…

If upholding National values, honoring national History and being RIGHTeous earns you the “right Wing” tag, so be it. The same tendencies were observed across Europe during my last December visit, and the losers always accused the winners of extremism, intolerance and phobia. Well no problem, as long as YOU are RIGHT.

Many “experts” and “observers”, as the garbage newspaper, rained us with news of a Europe shifting towards the “right” in order to create a fear factor of uncertainty. But the shift is not really towards the Right vs the Left, the shift is towards the “right” vs the “wrong”. It is not about ideologies or political agendas and choices; the shift is simply for Peace, for Homeland, for Truth and for the future. The shift in Europe is not about persons and parties, it is about Values and Identity. The biggest disappointment the European public had was the stacks of lies and deception their establishments and its Medias put them through both internally and in foreign policies. And we in Syria, have suffered a lot for the past 5 years due to these deceiving policies.

Every people in Europe misses his national identity, culture and values. Most people in Europe are/were misinformed by their government’s deceptive and manipulative policies towards sovereign nations like Syria, Libya and Yemen. And the amount of misinformation the corporate Medias and their surrogates, have led to the awareness uprising we have experienced in Europe and USA in 2016.

The shift in Europe is not towards Russia at all, it is towards oneself one’s nation, the real and genuine self and nation. The hype of the European Union is fading away and the new era of strong independent nations is emerging and will take clear shape towards a strong European Alliance between sovereign nations. All hopes that the administration in Russia will see this rise and awakening as an opportunity to mend fences with European Peoples based on mutual trust, respect and interests.

The shadow of the Communist era is still haunting the collective memory in Europe and a lot should be done to calm those concerns. And as the consequences of the Syrian crisis have played a role in the European awakening, the positive role of Russia in Syria, if maintained and concluded well, will play a big role in reassuring the great peoples of Europe.

France and Germany have turned the engines-on for awakening, and I sincerely wish that they will vote for “France first” and for “Germany first”.

Meanwhile, desperate corporate Medias will keep telling Europeans to fear other nations. By embracing their national values and principles, Europeans can never lose sight of their goal. Because Peoples of such cultures and history, are fit to teach the world about humanity, peace and respect, rather than be taught by a “fast food nation”.


Abdo Haddad is a global representative of Maaloula, one of the most ancient Christian towns in Syria and the Middle East. Taken over by Nusra Front-led militia in 2013/14, it suffered greatly, battling a wave of Islamic extremist, ideological hatred of its traditions, including still teaching Aramaic [the language of Jesus Christ] in its schools. 

For further information on Maaloula and the history of its struggle to liberate itself from Nusra Front occupation and brutality ~ Eva Bartlett: Overcoming Savagery & Treachery, Maaloula’s Heroic Defenders Fight for the Future

6 thoughts on “SYRIAN VOICES: Abdo Haddad from Maaloula asks Europe a Question.

  1. I’m sorry, but this picture of what’s happening in Poland is completely false. The “Law and Justice” party is anything but, as illustrated in their dismantling of the Supreme Court, open attacks on the parliamentary process, takeover of media, and last but not least, tolerance or open support of nationalism, chauvinism and racism. At the moment Poland is a country in which any darker-skinned person is in danger: there were more than five racially-motivated violent attacks against Hindus, Pakistanis etc. in the last week alone, with the Interior Minister describing a lynch attempt as “quite understandable” after a Pole was killed in a brawl at a kebab place.

    You might want to paint a nice picture of national states affirming their sovereignty against the EU bureaucracies, but Poland’s political changes are about far-right aligned dictatorship, not sovereignty.


    • Abdo Haddad has responded to you on your same FB comment 🙂 “Hi Mr. Staniak. the Polish issues are only for the Poles to solve. I wouldn’t allow myself to interfere. because we in Syria are losing our country because of foreign interference of people telling us how to live. I have visited Warsaw, Lublin and Krakow freely during my stay in December. and I have freely met university students and professors from the Lublin University, the Warsaw University and Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. I have met different Journalist as well and i am confident that you are a nation going towards a better place as long as you keep the dialogue together. and that is my humble opinion. Long live Polska, Long live Syria.”

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  2. But the shift is not really towards the Right vs the Left, the shift is towards the “right” vs the “wrong”. It is not about ideologies or political agendas and choices; the shift is simply for Peace,

    This statement aptly defines the “Trump phenomena” for people who do not understand. The neo-cons who have directed US foreign policy since 1991 with their road map for world hegemony (Wolfowitz Doctrine)
    have lost, with the election of Trump.

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  3. I’m not sure what to make of this. I’m not sure what to make of anything anymore, to be quite frank.

    I abhor factionalism, sectarianism, any kind of nationalism that is chauvinistic, identity politics, anything that privileges ethnicity or ‘race’ — in short, any way of looking at people that doesn’t above all else acknowledge but one humanity above all apparent differences between people.

    One might well imagine that Poland shifted “totally from dictatorship towards democracy in 1989,” or one might interpret that moment as rather emblematic of the restoration of the tyranny of capital over Poland, now a European vassal, a NATO proxy state. If I am wrong in my interpretation of that moment as being more the latter than the former, and that Poland in 1989 finally escaped the clutches of dictatorship to enter into a period of national self-determination, I truly no longer understand anything that I thought I did, however imperfectly, and certainly not my ability to read or discern anyone’s political allegiances anymore.

    “If upholding National values, honoring national History and being RIGHTeous earns you the “right Wing” tag, so be it.”

    I could agree to that battle cry if the viewpoint doing the labeling was that of an imperialist oppressor trying to discredit the efforts by a “nation” or a “people” to break free from the stranglehold of that oppressor’s domination. However, I cannot bring myself to privilege any form of nationalism that is reactionary, wherever it might be, as for example the likes of the Banderite ideology in Ukraine.

    Not all bids for so-called national liberation are legitimate unless making a distinction between what is reactionary and progressive is meaningless.

    Poland did not go forward in 1989, but backward and there it very much remains for the time being.

    But Abdo Haddad is speaking from his Syrian experience and therefore sees Poland through the lens of his nation’s aspiration for what is indeed a legitimate independence. I get it.

    And indeed, there certainly are parallels between Poland and Syria, with Poland being very much an oppressed vassal of the Euro-Anglo-American empire and, therefore, very much in need of its own liberation.

    I’m not sure, however, that the “Law and Justice Party” represents a step forward for Poland as a whole. Maybe it does. Someone would have to explain to me how it does if that is in fact the case.

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