BREAKING: Syrian Opposition and Western NGOs Hire Actors for Chemical Weapons Provocation

“Thus, having conducted a thorough investigation, we came to a conclusion that in the nearest future a certain Western NGO intends to stage a chemical provocation. Such an information campaign in Western mainstream media could once again discredit Assad’s forces and accuse them of using chemical weapons. So, what’s left after this is to carry out a retribution air strike for the demoralization and destruction of the SAA units, quarrels the official government with the Kurds and firmly establish control over the most significant oil fields in Syria’s Deir Ezzor.”

 Inside Syria Media Center 

It’s not the first time we hear about the upcoming provocation in Syria. Following the joint US, British and French air strikes on Syria’s facilities in April, the locals wait in high anxiety and tension for new staged provocations, fake accusations of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and further attacks.

So far, we have only wondered where the White Helmets ‘activists’ could set up their movie studio. This scenario usually occurs in the areas where various militant groups suffer heavy losses. Currently, for terrorists, things go bad in Daraa and Idlib provinces. Fortunately, we do not witness new provocations there yet.

However, monitoring and reading numerous Middle Eastern mass media on Syria we came across an advertisement on recruiting volunteers for shooting a documentary film in Al-Hasakah province. This post was published in The Syrian Observer.

Screenshot of the ad on the Syrian Observer

It was something odd about…

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Syrian Opposition and Western NGOs Hire Actors for Chemical Weapons Provocation

  1. That is a very worrying story and I have since forwarded it. Afterwards in the interests of caution and checking sources I decided to look up the ISMC just to see who is behind them – I’d not come across the site before. This led me to a rather unexpected article published by Counterpunch which you may or may not have read:

    At the risk of sowing confusion I am now concerned that the source may not be a reliable one – alternatively, Counterpunch may be deliberately spreading misinformation. Apologies in advance if I am accidentally aiding in a smear campaign against ISMC.

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    • Hi – thanks for the message. Counterpunch is not a reliable media outlet imho as it has recently gone so far into the anti-Russian/Syrian territory with editors/writers like Louis Proyect, Franklin Lamb etc and their recent witch hunts ref Diana Johnstone and Caitlin Johnston (not related) ….we are working on contacting KAS and other elements of this story to further verify and I am not fully endorsing it until we have done so, which is normal for any story picked up from another site… nothing against ISMC. However, having said that, I also have written about staged events by White Helmets in Hamouriya, Ghouta so I felt it was important enough to put this possibility out there in case of any planned events… with the caveat that I made clear on Twitter, that I had not done the background work to verify fully… or to take the investigation further. 🙂 Hope that helps?

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      • Thanks. And I agree with you about Counterpunch by the way – seems to send out a variety of mixed messages. Generally I’m of the view to be careful of trusting any source absolutely for obvious reasons.


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