SYRIA: Father of martyred child blames Western governments and media for his son’s death

July 22nd 2017

The buried trauma in Syria – even though the Syrian Arab Army and allies have swept much of Syria clean of international terrorism – the people of this country are still dealing with the loss of their children, mothers, fathers, families at the hands of the monsters armed and financed by the U.S Coalition of terror (including Gulf States, Turkey and Israel)

When I interviewed Salam Alawi, President of Al Thawra sports club (basketball) about the tragedy that struck the club in June 2014 – when three children were murdered in a mortar attack by terrorists embedded in Eastern Ghouta – I also spoke to the father of one of the children, Elias Raaed who was martyred alongside his friends Maya Wahbeh and Robert Qoozma who died of his horrific wounds, later in hospital on the 3rd of July.

Habib Raaed was clearly and righteously angry about the senseless death of his child who had done nothing to harm anyone, was another innocent victim of this war that should never have been allowed to happen.

His words should shame all those in the West who promote and believe in the media narratives that would paint these martyred children out of the picture portrayed in the West – the real victims of this war between Syria and the powerful supremacist U.S alliance are effectively disappeared from view by our governments and ther state PR agencies in the media.

Please listen to yet another voice telling you the truth about Syria…

“Every drop of blood that was shed in Syria is innocent because all Syrian people are innocents, our Army is innocent.

(the powerful countries) invested in the worst possible way, arrogantly and recklessly, nothing was accidental, the project was well planned by intelligence agencies.

My son, from when he was born until the day of the attack, he never hurt anyone, he never insulted anyone … he was playing basketball in this court where we are, he was hit by a shell from those monsters – the monsters created by the hostile nations – he (my son) was killed with two of his friends, many were injured, his sister was next to him but she couldn’t save him, she couldn’t do anything for him.

Morals were lost and conscience died… journalists sold their conscience..”

Please watch the full interview here:

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