12 thoughts on “This is not a vaccine.

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    • Not really, you can be asymptomatic and still have a disease. A good example is hypertension- a number of hypertension cases present without symptoms; another example is people having silent heart attacks. Symptomatology is always good guide, of course, but there are cases that do not ever follow a classic presentation.


  3. Definition of terms has been the crux of this for sure. When I read Moderna’s brief description of how their “vaccine” will work inside the body, it was clearly a brand new (experimental) genetic technique, no doubt requiring new regulatory parameters and ethical discussions, all of which seem to have been bypassed under the cover of this being an “emergency rollout”, and the incorrect use of the word “vaccine” in the product description. I hope many more people will become aware of the serious implications. Thanks for highlighting this Vanessa. Your diligence hugely appreciated, as always x

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