Syrian government intervenes to save Iraqi child’s life

Two year old Iraqi child, Khadija Uday Hamid, fled with her family from Iraq to the notorious Al Hol camp in the countryside of Hasaka. In collaboration with the UNHCR, the Syrian government provided all the necessary facilities to facilitate treatment for the little girl. Khadija was transferred to Damascus and underwent surgery for a ventricular septal defect (VSD). Surgery was successful.

Psychological warfare against UK citizens

We are in unprecedented times. Not because of the deadliest virus known to mankind, but because we have never been attacked with such ferocious psychological methods as is deliberately being done today by our UK and Scottish governments; measures to coerce us, manipulate us, to scare us, to shame us, and to make us shame other people for not following orders pertaining to COVID–19 measures.


THE NEW NORMAL It’s January 2021, the world is in lockdown and our economy is on the brink of collapse. Will the new vaccine enable our lives to return back to normal or does it mark a pivotal point in the evolution of humanity (one that is driven by artificial intelligence, will reimagine capitalism…