Syrian Air Defence intercept Israeli missiles over Damascus and Homs last night

Israel used two civilian airliners carrying hundreds of passengers as human shields to camouflage their warplanes during the attack and delay the response of the Syrian Air Defence. Any mistake or miscalculated actions by Syria, could have led to a massacre. The Syrian Air Defence did a superb job avoiding civilian human shields and intercepting the Israeli missiles fired from warplanes violating Lebanese airspace.

US integrates Israel into CENTCOM

Preparing for war against Iran in Syria. Effectively, US will have missile, air and military bases in the north-east, south-east (Al Tanf) and the south in Israel. Effectively, Syria will be surrounded on 3 sides by hostile state militaries with Turkey holding a malevolent position in the north. A weakened, divided and distracted Lebanon will not be much help.

NGOs, the Pentagon, and the Human Rights – Industrial Complex

2nd May 2016 Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire   Human rights in the West: does the reality live up to the rhetoric? On the surface, the cultural narrative seems innocent enough: billionaire philanthropists, political luminaries and transnational corporations, along with legions of staff and volunteers – all working together in the name of social justice,…

Syria: Journalist Rosenthal Exposes Extensive Censorship by Western Media

29th April 2016 John Rosenthal Interviewed by BricsPost “The World has played with fire in Syria.” John Rosenthal is a European-based journalist and political analyst who writes on European politics and transatlantic issues. He has also written extensively about the Syrian Civil War. His articles have appeared in such publications as Al-Monitor, World Affairs, The Wall Street…

US awards Netanyahu prize for Democracy and Human Rights!

9th November 2015 AEI Award for Netanyahu Is Meant to Repair the US-Israel Split: Prof. Denis Rancourt The conservative Washington D.C.-based think tank American Enterprise Institute has announced that it would grant the Irving Kristol Award 2015 to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in recognition of his contributions to democratic leadership and the role…