Syria: The terrorist siege of Kafarya and Foua ~ update.

Latest update from our brothers and sisters in Beirut regarding the situation in these besieged villages. It was officially announced that the second truce and round of negotiations collapsed today. The “rebel” factions resumed heavy shelling against the villages since the early hours of the morning. Hundreds of grad rockets, mortars, and hell cannons, targeted the…


The Pleasure of Serving ~ by Gabriela Mistral

All of nature is a yearning for service: The cloud serves, and the wind, and the furrow. Where there is a tree to plant, you be the one. Where there is a mistake to undo, let it be you. You be the one to remove the rock from the field, The hate from human hearts,…

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Network of Power: Russian Gas Pipelines to the European Continent, while Putin tying India to Pakistan ~ (Infographics)

Originally posted on the real Syrian Free Press:
Natural gas has limited and expensive transport options. As a result, natural gas pipelines are constantly used as tool of the political pressure and bargaining. One of the most notable battlefields is the European continent, where Russia has exerted its influence through an intricate network of pipelines. Find the…

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Unrest in the Arabic Peninsula and the Saudi war on Yemen: discussion with geopolitical analysts about Yemen’s regional tension [Video in 2 parts]

Originally posted on the real Syrian Free Press:
For months, Saudi Arabia has been leading a bombing campaign against Houthis in Yemen. Now foreign ground troops are joining the fight. Why is Yemen so important to Saudi Arabia? Is this simply a proxy war involving Iran (Saudi Arabia’s regional rival)? And if it deteriorates further,…

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Syria: Terrorist siege of Kafarya and Foua.

Brief update from our brother in Beirut who has family suffering under terrorist siege in the villages of Kafarya and Foua. 24/8/2015 “The situation is a little calmer because SAA and its allies are working well in the south of Idleb , so it is calmer at the village. 20/08/2015 shelling on Foua from Binnish…