Tell the truth, even if it leads to your death

How different the world could be if parasitic elites, politicians, government bureaucrats, journalists and doctors didn’t lie about the pandemic, about the virus, the vaccines, ivermectin and everything else? Or if they didn’t lie about Syria, China, Russia, Yemen, Haiti, Ukraine, about the wars, about bridges and pipelines…

Russia, Ukraine and the “New” New World Order 

Going through her personal on-the-ground experience and larger insights, Vanessa will help you understand the truth of the recent Donbass elections for east Ukraine to rejoin Russia, why these elections were entirely legitimate, how Ukrainian Nazis are being used as western proxies for geopolitical ends and how this relates to the coming economic meltdown.

Kharkov and mobilisation – by Jacques Baud

The recapture of the Kharkov region at the beginning of September appears to be a success for Ukrainian forces. Our media exulted and relayed Ukrainian propaganda to give us a picture that is not entirely accurate. A closer look at the operations might have prompted Ukraine to be more cautious.