Marwa Osman – The Resistance Axis and the escalation of conflict with Israel

Today [10/11/2021] I spoke with Lebanese journalist, mother and academic Marwa Osman about recent events in Lebanon orchestrated by the US and Israel to foment sectarian violence and civil war. We talk about the latest Israeli aggression and Resistance Allied Command retaliation and the change in the Resistance Axis strategy that threatens Zionist/US/UK hegemony in the region now and in the future. Tune in..

The Capitulation of “Grand Liban” ~ by Gassan Khadi

“Grand Liban” or Grand Lebanon ie Lebanon in its current internationally-acknowledged state borders, is the love-child of France and a byproduct of the infamous Sykes-Picot Accord that decimated the Levant to first partition it between France and Britain, and to break it up further before granting it its independence. The French pledged to their Lebanese…