US-Backed Uyghur-Tibetan Separatists Seek to Divide China

While these groups claim to espouse “non-violence,” documented evidence shows that the Tibetan separatist movement was armed and backed by the US since the 1950s and the supposedly “peaceful” World Uyghur Congress has repeatedly failed to condemn separatist violence when interviewed about terrorist attacks and targeted assassinations carried out by Uyghur extremists.

Putting ‘Uyghur genocide’ claims into context – Daniel Dumbrill

I am currently investigating the “Uyghur genocide” claims that are generating sadistic sanctions on China under usual pretext of targeting specific Chinese officials, no surprise there.  “The United States and its allies in Canada, Britain and the European Union on Monday announced sanctions on several Chinese officials alleged to have links to what U.S. officials…

Defend China’s liberty as you would defend your own

If you believe that the world should be run according to human logic rather than the logic of imperialist brigandage; if you believe that people should be allowed to choose their social systems and governments for themselves; if you believe that a country’s people should be able to benefit from the wealth of their own resources, you should support China against all imperialist-backed attempts at regime change.