Ceasefire or Freedom

I am no politician but what is so hard about allowing people to have their human rights and freedom to walk in the streets of their city without fear of being flattened by a drone missile or a bomb.


This constant ceasefire limbo is simply another form of torture. Last nights vacillation up to the last minute serves only to further terrorize an already traumatised civilian population in Gaza.

And now another 5 days of apprehension wondering if the ceasefire will hold, what the negotiators will agree to, whether Israel will honour any agreements (highly unlikely). A whiff of hope amongst the dust of war that can be crushed at any moment. A life of expectation and crippling disappointment.


These people are not asking for the earth. They are not asking for anything other than the simplest form of civil liberty but you would think they were asking for the moon when you consider that for 66 years this liberty has not only been consistently denied them but that in fact the noose around their necks has been constantly tightened and loosened depending upon the whims and capricious tyranny of their captors.

belal khaled women in mourning

We would not accept this sadistic curtailing of our basic human rights, why would we expect any other human being to do so.

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