Massacre in Rafah

The massacre in Rafah overwhelmed the local hospitals many of which had been forced to close after shelling rendered them unsafe.

Bodies crammed into the morgues in August heat..spilled out into the corridors of the hospital and were being stored in any refrigerated unit that was still working after electricity has been cut to the majority of the Gaza Strip.

raghad masoud

Palestinians gather around the lifeless body of Raghad Masoud, 34 months, who was killed in an Israeli strike, after she was laid in a freezer as the hospital morgue was full at Rafah refugee camp, in southern Gaza Strip 4/8/2014

So no dignity in life, cornered by Israeli forces and mown down trapped between two borders, both doors closed on them figuratively speaking, and then no dignity in death , stuffed into the fridge like consumables.

Israel is trying to de-humanize but is forgetting the power of the human spirit to rise above inhumanity.

“Gaza reminds us by their presence, by their natural and plain manner of being good, that there still exists a just world outside our own, something and someone still pure and whole, not corrupt, not savage, extraneous to hatred and terror; something difficult to define, a remote possibility of good, but for which it is worth surviving and fighting for.”

balcony bathe

(Quote from Survival in Auschwitz! Primo Levi, an Italian Jew. Edited version.)

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