Charlie Hebdo, the Gaping Holes in the Official Version.

Whether you are a conspiracy “factist” or not, the gaping holes in the official narrative of the attack on Charlie Hebdo must be raising questions in even the most somnambulant minds.  This article is an attempt to draw your attention to these contradictions and to lay the facts on the table for your own investigation.
We shall set the scene with a Google photo of the Charlie Hebdo offices.  These offices had been under constant police surveillance after a series of threats against the media outlet due to their islamaphobic cartoons and hate speech.  Manuel Valls had himself authorised the withdrawal of this surveillance in the summer of 2014.  However on the morning of the attack, at 7am a police car was observed parked outside the Charlie Hebdo offices and the police inside this car were witnessed talking to a “suspicious” character at the entrance to Charlie Hebdo.

facts outside Charlie Hebdo

To the left of this photo we can see the Allee Verte which was the chosen escape route of the attackers.
Next we ask you to watch the video of their getaway.  Please bear in mind that these protagonists had just killed 11 people in broad daylight in the centre of Paris yet they take the time to stand on the corner of the street shouting their “Prophet Mohammed” and to rearrange their weapons before calmly getting into the car and driving away down the Allee Verte.
When you watch this video, please pay particular attention at 1.35 – 1.39 when you will see the attackers car brake in front of the police car.  The stills will also show this more clearly.  We would like to draw your attention to the fact the police car blocks their exit right onto Boulevard Lenoir, forcing them to turn left against the traffic of a one way road!

facts car left

In this image we can clearly see the police car has pulled over to the right and is blocking the turn right.  At this point it is being fired upon by the Kouachi brothers.

facts brake lights

​In this image, you clearly see the Kouachi brothers brake in front of the police car before turning left onto Bvd Lenoir..going against the traffic of a one way street.

facts no entry

This image shows a close up view of the turn left that they attackers were forced to make.
You can clearly see the one way sign that indicates they turned against the traffic of a busy
central Paris road.
The police car is stationary on the right and is blocking their exit right.
It must also be noted that there is virtually no traffic at this point..almost impossible during a normal
day in Paris.
This also contradicts the Official Version that has claimed the Kouachi brothers turned right at this point and traveled in the direction of the traffic onto Bvd Lenoir.

facts ave lenoir

This image gives an idea of the traffic that would normally be on the Bvd Lenoir at midday in Paris.
The Kouachi car turned into this traffic with a police car behind them.

facts turn right

This image shows the official version.  On the right is the Allee Verte which is the route by which
the Kouachi brothers approached Bvd Lenoir.  They turned left BUT the official version claims
they turned right onto the Bvd Lenoir following the flow of the traffic.  In order for the official narrative
to be believed this is a crucial turning point (excuse the pun)..for the killing of Ahmed Merabet to
take place, the Kouachi brothers must have turned right…but they didnt, they turned left!

facts map of official route

This map shows the route the Kouachi brothers took according to the official version.
1.  The hooded armed attackers arrive in their car.  They firstly went to no. 6 which was the wrong entrance.
2.  They enter number 10, threatening two cleaners and demand the whereabouts of Charlie Hebdo
3.  They threaten the artist Coco, she tries to divert them to the 3rd floor before she is forced to give them the code to the security door of the editorial team offices.
4.  They kill Charb first before firing indiscriminately on the editorial team
5.  They make their escape leaving 11 dead in their wake.  They take their time getting into their car.  They drive down the Allee Verte.     They fire on a police car that is blocking their route.  Please note, no bullets seem to hit the windscreen of the police car despite the  firing being at very close range at one point (see video)
6.  The Kouachi brothers according to the official version turn RIGHT.  On Bvd Lenoir they exchange fire with police officers.  No injuries.
7.  The Kouachi brothers exit the car and we see them shoot Ahmed Merabet in the head.  Again for this to be possible, they must have turned  RIGHT onto Bvd Lenoir.

facts official route v correct route

In this image, we see the black arrows show the official version of the route taken by the
Kouachi brothers.  The red arrows show the actual route taken.
In order for the Kouachi brothers to get back onto the official trajectory they would have had to take a very convoluted route or do a three point turn in busy traffic which would take them into the path of the pursuing police teams.  Hardly logical for hunted attackers who have just murdered 11 high profile media personalities.
So now we have established the contradictions in the official version and determined that the Kouachi brothers actually turned left against the traffic of Bvd Lenoir in the opposite direction of the shooting of Ahmed Merabet, we must ask the following questions:-
1.  How did the Kouachi brothers avoid hitting a vehicle when they were travelling against the traffic of a busy central Paris road system.
2.  How did the Kouachi brothers miraculously turn around and avoid their police pursuers in order to make it to the spot where they killed Ahmed Merabet?
3.  If these brothers were the military trained experts as described, it is not very professional to have to do an about turn in order to commit the crimes that have been attributed to them
4.  How did they make it safely out of Paris despite their very apparent amateurism at the wheel of their Citroen C3?
5.  How on earth has the mainstream media and the investigative team adhered to such a contradictory and even erroneous narrative?
6.  Where is the autopsy report on Ahmed Merabet.  Were there any pictures of the body?  Has anybody interviewed his family?
Once again, we are not drawing any final conclusions, simply attempting to pull together the threads of this web of contradictory evidence and invention that is being presented to us by the official version.
We are knocking down the house of cards to find the truth beneath.

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