BREAKING: ISIS Using Chemical Weapons on Iraqi Civilians (Captured on Video)

sharia unveiled

ISIS Using Chemical Weapons in Tikrit Iraq

by, J. Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled | Press Tv

During a recent ‘On-Air’ news report on Sunday 29March2015 from Tikrit, Iraq, Press Tv war correspondent Rahshan Saglam was providing a ‘LIVE’ update when an explosion occurred approximately 150 meters from her position.

The camera technician was able to capture the plume of chlorine gas rising above the explosion from the ISIS fired rocket. It appears ISIS was firing on the hospital in Tikrit.

Correspondent Saglam went on to describe the explosion and the fact that she has witnessed the increased usage of chemical weapons by ISIS militants on the Iraqi citizens.

In the video report below, the chemical weapon explosion occurs at approximately 3min. 15sec.’s

Video courtesy of:  Rahshan Saglam & Press Tv

This is not the first time ISIS has used chemical weapons on innocent civilians.

Just two weeks ago ISIS was discovered having used chemical weapons against Kurdish

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