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Israeli War Crimes: Moral army? To Hell with them all ~ Uri Avnery

Israel: War Crimes? Us??? By Uri Avnery “WAR IS HELL!” the US general George Patton famously exclaimed. War is the business of killing the “enemy”, in order to impose your will on them. Therefore, “humane war” is an oxymoron. War itself is a crime. There are few exceptions. I would exempt the war against Nazi…


BDS succumbs to further anti Semitism pressure.

BDS succumbs to greater anti Semitism pressure. So BDS falls deeper into the anti Semitism pit from which all dedicated defenders of the Palestinian cause will be ejected. So this means we cannot criticise CRIF, the French Federation for Jewish Institutions that is a thinly veiled excuse for Zionist power wielding. It will mean that the Jewish…

Aleppo before and after.

Insights from Aleppo June 2015

What you are reading is a snippet from life under siege in Aleppo, Syria.  The daily struggle of just one resident battling the brutality and punitive measures taken by the US/NATO/GCC/Israeli terrorist hordes nesting in and around Aleppo. The writers name is withheld for security reasons but this information was sent to us at the…


Israel the Strangler Fig Nation ~ by Paul Larudee

“Strangler Fig is the generic name given to a class of vines that sprouts high in the canopy of trees in tropical forests. It is deposited by birds that eat its fruit. Its roots envelope the tree and feed off it, weakening the tree. If the process is allowed to continue indefinitely, it sinks its…


Gaza equivalent to Hiroshima.

Sobering thought re Gaza. “The head of the Palestinian bomb squad claimed, before he was killed, the total amount of explosive used on Gaza was between 18 and 20,000 tonnes, the equivalent of the Hiroshima bomb”