You are all beautiful
You are all courage
You are all awareness
You are a force wrapped in Grace. A light tinged with sadness. A comfort edged with knowledge. History touched by wisdom. Insight driven by intuition. Intelligence beside humour. Bright eyes washed by tears. Nature and nurture side by side, you are the first, the last, the inbetween. You are all we never forget and all we bear within. You are the first heartbeat and the first smile. You are the beginning, the journey and its end.

You are all that you are and more, you are woman. You are me and you are you. We are all something wonderful.

For womans day, I pay homage to my sisters across the world who inspire, encourage and delight me every day…for every day that you walk this earth, we are one day closer to Peace, Light and Understanding. I honour you, I am proud to be amongst you and I will watch your back as you watch mine for always and forever.

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