Voice from Aleppo [Including complete field report]

We didn’t sleep all the night. The attacks of yesterday 2nd July started around afternoon and continued up till today 8:30 am 3rd July.
They said that 3-4 civilians died, but 87 civilians injured. The ambulance voices didn’t stop all night long.
You had to hear the people over here. Aren’t they Syrians? After all these years and after all these attacks on them and after they lost their income sources and family members, they are asking the Syrian army to terminate the attackers and their nests, which became like cancer in our body. They don’t care if that termination was by chemical weapons, bombs, or whatever. Yet, around the world and in the mainstream media, they dare to demonize the so called “barrel bombs” and talk about the lost in lives of the terrorists as lost of lives of Syrian peaceful moderate opposition who had been killed by dictator! That injustice is unlimited and makes me and many feel as if we want to explode with all the nonsense that people are lecturing in the “peace” conferences in Britain or people of the UN who repeat nothing but lies and hypocrisy.
The people are crying and terrified by the “moderate peaceful opposition”.  But we can’t bomb them because the “international community” will blame the Syrian army of using their unprecedented super ultra weapon that is way stronger than a nuclear bomb: Barrel bombs!
The terrorists are using mortars, explosive bullets, cooking-gas cylinders bombs and water-warming long cylinders bombs, filled up with explosives and shrapnel and nails, in what they call “Hell Canon”. (google these weapons or see their YouTube clips. The cooking-gas cylinder is made of steel, and it weighs around 25 kg. Imagine it thrown by a canon to hit civilians? And imagine knowing that it’s full with explosives?… Yet, the media is busy with the legendary weapon of “barrel bombs”! They came to spread “freedom” among Syrians! How dare they say that Syrian army shouldn’t fight them back?
For the first time last night, we smelled gunpowder. The shelling was so extreme to smell gunpowder in the air.
Results were nothing but new innocent victims. I mean, the terrorists failed  in gaining new land, or occupying new buildings or quarters. They lost many of their “zombies”, but they don’t count, because they have no families or friends to weep on them like the case with civilians.
I apologize that I’m very upset, mostly not from the attackers and whoever is supporting them in Turkey over here (and Israel and Jordan in the south); but mainly from the liars in that conference in Britain or at the UN , who keep lying and lying, piles and tons of lies, about “freedom” and “barrel bombs” and live in their perfumed and ironed suites and ties, happy with their Ph.D. degrees in stupidity and fooling the world, having no problem in obtaining clean water, electricity, warm food, and the rest of services that we are suffering over here to obtain part of them. Those people travel in 1st class airlines, and live in 5 stars hotels, and ready to come on tv channels to weep upon the “Syrian people” and blame the “regime” while giving a blind eye upon all the terrorists they are funding and supporting. I wish these people, whether they were Arabs or Westerns, Muslims or Christians, Syrians or others… I wish them Hell! And to taste and suffer the same pain they caused to innocent people.

Syrian army had defended the city, and all the lies on the media claiming the terrorists victories are nothing but rumours and gossip.

President Bashar al-Assad had gifted Aleppo yesterday with about $15.5 million as an urgent aid to the city.


Complete Field Report from Aleppo.

Yesterday morning, the coalition of Islamist factions “Ansar Al-Shari’ah” launched their full-scale offensive inside the provincial capital of the Aleppo Governorate, where their militants attacked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces at the Al-Zahra Association Quarter, the Al-Khalidiyah and Al-Ashrafiyah Districts, and Nile Street.

Despite the intensity of the Islamist assault, the Syrian Arab Army – backed by the National Defense Forces – was able to repel the large contingent of fighters from the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” at the Khalidiyah-Layramoun axis, the Air Force Intelligence building (Al-Zahra Association Quarter), Nile Street, and Al-Rusafah Street (north Al-Ashrafiyah) before nightfall on Thursday night.

The aftermath of the attack was devastating for the Ansar Al-Shari’ah factions, as they sent wave-after-wave of militants toward the dilapidated Air Force Intelligence building in the Al-Zahra Association Quarter, only for those combatants to run into a well-prepared and well-armed Syrian Arab Army contingent that was anticipating their attack.

As a result of yesterday’s clashes, the Ansar Al-Shari’ah factions lost an estimated 70 combatants (some estimates as high as 100), while the Syrian Armed Forces suffered 18 casualties from the battle with the aforementioned Islamist group.

These losses did not deter Ansar Al-Shari’yah from conducting another powerful assault at the western districts of Aleppo City; in fact, the assault inside the Al-Zahra Association Quarter was reportedly more violent on Friday than their previous attack the night before; this was confirmed by a Syrian military source, who reported the destruction of an armored vehicle mounted with a 14.5mm machine gun and as many as 40 enemy combatants killed during the battle.

However, the militants from Ansar Al-Shari’ah did make a strategic push into the well-fortified Scientific Research building in the New Aleppo District, capturing the western perimeter of the facility – firefights are still ongoing between the Syrian Armed Forces and Ansar Al-Shari’ah.

The Syrian Armed Forces did achieve some success from their counter-assault in the southern districts of Aleppo City: the Syrian Armed Forces have reportedly secured all of the Al-Salahiddeen District after fierce clashes with Jabhat Al-Nusra.

In addition to the fighting at the Al-Zahra Association District, firefights were also reported inside Al-Rashiddeen, Al-Khalidiyah, New Aleppo, and Al-Ashrafiyah on Friday.

North of Aleppo City, the Syrian Armed Forces conducted a powerful assault in the imperative town of Bureijj, where they destroyed a Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham weapons depot and an armored vehicle that was mounted with a 23mm anti-aircraft machine gun.

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) was busy on Friday, as the aforementioned struck a number of targets in Haleesa, Al-Jaboul, ‘Ayn Al-Hanish, Dayr Al-Hafir, Muskanah, Tal Alam, Tal Turikas, along with a number attacks on the Hareetan Highway, Al-Kastillo Road, and the Industrial Sector of the Al-Layramoun  District.

More than 400 mortar shells have been fired by Ansar Al-Shari’ah into Aleppo city in the last 24 hours; these attacks have been reported by civilian sources.

Also from Al Mayadeen.

– violent clashes between the Syrian army and armed groups on Al-Zahra Association quarter axis in Aleppo city

– clashes declined on Al-Zahra front in Aleppo city, and the Syrian army was able to capture some of the militants dead bodies .

– there are Chechens among the bodies of the militants who attacked Al- Zahra Association front west of Aleppo city.

– ongoing fighting between the Syrian army and the militants on Ar-Rashdin quarter front in Aleppo city

– clashes between the Syrian army and militants whom infiltrated into Scientific Research building northwest of Aleppo city

– Syrian army killed the commander of “Noureddine Zanki” brigade on the Scientific Research front west of Aleppo

Syrian army is fighting Da’esh in south of al-Hasaka city in the north eastern part of Syria as well.

These bullets are matching and continuing with what mentioned in Al-Masdar News report.


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