Yemen: The Forgotten War ~ Videos from UNHRC

16th March 2016

The following are a selection of short videos used during our presentations during the 31st Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva 2016.

I was working with and to present the case against the Saudi-led coalition, for war crimes and grave human rights violations against the people of Yemen including deliberate targeting of civilians, infrastructure, schools, masjids and cultural heritage.  The use of banned munitions like Cluster Munitions was the subject of my presentation which I will be publishing in full over the next few days.

I will also be reporting on the situation in Taiz, Saada and on the political history of the current conflict which is in reality, a disproportionate war of aggression being waged upon Yemen by the Saudi coalition.  Weapons supplied by US and NATO and with UK/US co-ordination and expertise controlling the campaign from inside the Riyadh control towers.

1:  Mohammed al Wazir of speaking in Council at UNHCR on Saudi human rights violations, war crimes against ‪#‎Yemen‬.

2:  The Saudi Led Destruction of Yemen’s heritage. This short video was a part of our presentation to the UNHRC made by team It shows a tiny part of the destruction and devastation of ancient cultural sites and heritage by a Saudi coalition hell bent on massacre and obliteration of history in Yemen. Thank you to Yousra Alharazi and Carson Germignani for their moving and heartfelt presentation of this crime against humanity and our universal heritage.

3:  A Yemeni teacher talks about the effects of the Saudi war of aggression on Yemen and its innocent child victims who suffer trauma and terror on a daily basis.

4:  Short report from Al Masirah Yemen TV on our work to expose the Saudi-led coalition war crimes.  There will be a full report to follow on our two side panels/presentations to the delegates.





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