White Helmets work with terrorists – Vanessa Beeley on the Taylor Report

White Helmets work with terrorists and receive Western support

Featured Guest: Vanessa Beeley, award-winning investigative journalist.

Vanessa Beeley updates us on the White Helmets, following the mysterious death of its founder James Le Mesurier. Beeley goes back to the basics: Who was Le Mesurier? He was with British intelligence, previously remodeling the Kosovo Liberation Army. Already, history is being revised, as corporate media scrubs Le Mesurier’s background and his founding role in the White Helmets.

And there is much we aren’t told today about the White Helmets. The recent OPCW revelations demonstrate that the Syrian government did not use gas warfare, which brings into question the origin of the bodies that the White Helmets paraded in front of cameras.

There’s lots of sleuthing and subterfuge in the WH history and funding. Their parent organization, MayDay rescue, was funded by the U.K. government. Le Mesurier was handling upwards of $200 million in funding for the White Helmets.

Phil also reminds us that the White Helmets stole the name “Syria Civil Defense” from a real Syrian organization that existed on the ground. He argues that it requires a “colonized mind” to believe that Syrians needed help from the British foreign office to learn how to conduct civil defense.

It also turns out that, if you talk to actual White Helmets, they admit the factionalization of their organization, reflecting the sectarian divisions in the terrorist groups that oppose the Syrian government.

What role has Irwin Cotler played in the promotion and rescue of White Helmets in Canada? You’ll have to attend Beeley’s talk to find out.

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