We deserve to live as human beings

Hiroyuki Hamada writes:

“Let me be very clear and straightforward. They think gene modifying experimental therapies, lockdowns and masks are useful in profiting, controlling and maintaining hierarchy among us. They are taking away our arts, friendship, love and communities if we don’t obey.

That’s the essence of fascist ideology, colonialism and the capitalist essence of exploitation and subjugation. And in fact, they’ve taken them away anyway—they’ve destroyed communities, cultures, traditions, religions, arts and the rest of our attempts to be human and live harmoniously with nature over and over to maintain their rule over us.

They’ve destroyed our means to live with brute hands of iron fists, bullets and threats of nuclear annihilation. When that’s the way to save themselves, that’s nothing to do with health, democracy, freedom, justice, humanity and so on. They are just saving their positions in the hierarchy of money and violence and saving the very system itself by tweaking the path and steepness of the hierarchy.

People are rising to oppose the attempt to save the ruling class and their system. Do not blame people for destroying our health. Our health has been destroyed by their toxic products, toxic industries, toxic culture and toxic human relations and toxic life styles.

People were murdered by insane decrees to limit treatment options, prioritizing profitable options and sending the most vulnerable people to locked down nursing homes. Is demanding our livelihood back, our arts back, our communities back and our health back a crime to be arrested by heavily armed military police?

Can demanding that people show their papers to obtain basic necessities ever be part of freedom, justice and humanity for all?

I know that we are scared to be marginalized. I know that we don’t want to be the ones to be dehumanized. But that fear itself is glaring proof that the ruling class is engaging in the tactics of marginalization and dehumanization.

Let me be very clear and straightforward, we do not deserve to be stuck in the insane imaginations of the psychopathic rulers. We do not deserve to be stuck in the cage of capitalism to be domesticated and harvested over and over to fill their empty desire of domination and control.

We deserve to live as human beings in harmony with this beautiful planet of life.”


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