Putin’s Chess Tournament with 5th Columnists, Oligarchs and the WEF

My second conversation with author, historian and analyst, Matt Ehret – Editor in Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review, senior fellow at the American University in Moscow and co-founder of the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation. My first conversation can be found here – Breaking the Extinction Cycle, from Covid to Ukraine. 

In this episode I ask Matt to detail the impact of Western infiltration of Russia and China through compromised 5th Columnists – oligarchs and influencers controlled by the US and UK intelligence agencies to subvert and destabilise sovereign nations and to secure the West’s foreign policy and geopolitical agendas in these countries.

As always, Matt’s outstanding insights into the history of Russia and China and their place in the emerging world ‘order’ are illuminating and help us to understand what is really going on behind the visible thrones of power in the shadowy depths of deep state and the billionaire complex.

5 thoughts on “Putin’s Chess Tournament with 5th Columnists, Oligarchs and the WEF

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  2. Wonderful conversation, thankyou. For reasons best left unsaid, I am getting an increasingly strong feeling that ‘The Opium Wars’, ‘The Middle Class’ and ‘Shopping’ are central to this three way RU/PRC/NATO gunfight. 😉

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  3. Beaucoup! I’ve been following and heeding Matt and Cynthia for over half a decade at this point. So good to see their profiles and knowledge elevated more and more as the times become so much more critical as to our fates’ options. As far as still having options goes.

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