Ethnic Cleansing by Ukrainian Forces in Lugansk (2021)

George Eliason for The Saker (September 2021)

Over 700 people murdered in their homes, at work, at school, and public spaces by Ukrainian military units.

On August 11th, 2021, Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) and Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) embarked on a historic endeavor that will become national benchmarks in their existence.

Both countries began opening mass graves on their territories created by non-stop shelling and mortar attacks against their cities and people.

They proposed to locate the victims and identify them through genetic testing. Samples could then be matched with people searching for missing family members as the come forward.

At the same time, forensic teams are finding more evidence that Ukraine will have to address through a legal process in the future.

In Pervomaisk, it was originally thought they would find between forty and sixty of the ninety bodies buried at the site.

Over time, some families that knew exactly where their loved one was buried had come and reburied their loved ones with a proper funeral.

To the LPR and Pervomaisk officials behind the project’s shock, even with people claiming family members over the years, the official body count at this one mass grave site was over 90 victims of Kiev’s war crimes.

This is the first of 13 known mass grave sites in LPR and officials are already getting new leads to possibly even more.

Where is the accountability for the Ukrainian government for these crimes?

Over 700 people murdered in their homes, at work, at school, and public spaces by Ukrainian military units.

Ukraine is still probably shelling civilians today.

Ukrainians should be horrified by the continued actions of their government. All it takes for this to be their day to day reality is to disagree with radical political ideas nationalist-activists in their government try to force on them.

After watching their leadership tearing down their own country and making it a joke among the nations for seven years, I doubt they’d argue seriously about this either.

In 2014, when these mass graves were filled, the people that filled them were from Ukraine. It’s time for Ukrainians to realize without radical change, Ukraine has no future.

The video following Marina Filippova’s statement opens up a side of this seldom heard in the west or by post-Maidan Ukraine. The same Public officials thrown into the leadership roles trying to protect their constituents from genocide open up and talk about what they were dealing with when it began in 2014.

On September 14, Advisor to the Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Filippova, Marina, Victorovna gave the following speech at the State funeral commemorating these victims of Ukraine at the cemetery in Pervomaisk, LPR.

Dear friends, we are gathered here today to give and fulfill the state’s and all our humane duty to record the crimes of the junta, Ukrainian junta that have no statute of limitations for which they should answer those that gave the criminal orders and sent the military to kill civilians residents of Pervomaisk.

And humane because no one should die a meaningless death because just because someone wanted them to.

Today, we will send them on their last journey in a Christian way as we must. This is done by people who know the cost of life and who know the value their lives had.

For me personally today, it’s a very significant day because you understand that we are not only manage to rebuild houses and bring to life our industries we find and accompany on the last journey those who must, well, must be buried humanely. What we do today once again confirms that residents of Donbass do not just have a heart, but they are people who understand the value of life and know how to live right in this life.

Those victims that were sacrificed seven years ago, they really are not in vain because each day they remind us all we are to do the right thing every day. We stand up for our independence. We will come to our Victory. We will definitely come and never again let people die, civilians die just because someone makes such unhealthy and stupid political decisions.

Eternal memory to those who died. And to those who fulfill their duty to the end- respect and honor.

As we follow this developing story together, we’ll investigate who did this and try to find answers together. This is a hallmark moment for Leonid Pasichnik’s administration. And one that’s needed by his people.


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