Daughter of Sir Harold Beeley K.C.M.G C.B.E. Middle Eastern Advisor to Ernest Bevin and Special Envoy to Cairo during both Suez Crises.


2017 – Finalist for the prestigious Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism – winners have included Robert Parry in 2017, Robert Fisk and Nick Davies and the Bureau for Investigative Journalism.  

2019 – Recipient of the Serena Shim Award for uncompromised integrity in journalism: 

I am honoured and profoundly moved to be considered worthy of the Serena Shim Award for uncompromised integrity in journalism. I am among some very admired, respected and hugely dedicated journalists that include Eva Bartlett, Sharmine Narwani, Whitney Webb and Finian Cunningham. 

The award is in memory of Serena Shim who exposed the criminal incubation of terrorism inside Turkey and its export into Syrian territory via the Turkish borders. Serena was very probably murdered by Turkish intelligence for daring to expose their role in the destabilisation of their neighbour, Syria. Thank you Serena for being a lone light in the darkness during 2014, you are an inspiration to so many. I will do my best to live up to the example you set for us. 

2018 – British National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) named Vanessa Beeley as one of the Top 238 most respected journalists in the UK. 


My work needs me to be able to travel to the areas where my government and your government are doing the most damage, where the people of those countries are not given a fair hearing by the state-aligned media that is working within a frame that best serves their government, the military industrial complex and the corporatocracy. The majority of “official” media outlets in the West are agents for power. I aspire to be a humble agent for the people in any way I can and my most effective contribution is my voice and my words that can transmit the voices of the “disappeared” and the “unheard”. 

We are all struggling and I have a total aversion towards asking for anything for myself but I simply cannot continue to do what I do without your financial help. I promise that I will continue to dedicate pretty much every waking hour to my research, travel, speaking and writing in protest against the perpetual cycle of war and chaos that is being generated by the ruling establishment and their aligned institutions, including the colonial media. 

We cannot fight alone, we are all connected by the human threads that bind us. Thank you.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” – Martin Luther King

Read more about me and find more of my work at www.thewallwillfall.org

One of my most important investigations has been into the NATO-member-state financed pseudo “humanitarian” non-NGO operating in Islamofascist controlled areas of Syria – the White Helmets. Below you will find a selection of my work on this shadow state, propaganda construct that has worked to criminalise the Syrian government and Syrian Arab Army on behalf of their bankrollers in the West and Gulf states..

The much acclaimed journalist and filmmaker, John Pilger has endorsed my work on the White Helmets: 

“Vanessa is a fine reporter, who was one of the finalists in the 2017 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, perhaps the most distinguished award for truly independent journalism in Britain, which the Guardian itself was proud to receive in the past. What the bullies and censors can’t stand is that she has exposed the fraudulence of the UK and US funded ‘White Helmets’ and so they resort to craven smears.”

International criminal lawyer, Christopher C Black made this statement about the White Helmets: 

“Nicolo Machiavelli wrote in The Prince that deception is the principal means by which people can be controlled. Sun Tzu in The Art of War stated that the art of deception is the first art of war, above all others, and it is deception that the citizens of the NATO countries are faced with in the aggression being conducted against the government and people of Syria.

Using special propaganda units such as The White Helmets, which several NATO countries now freely admit they finance and support, the aggressor nations try to justify their war against Syria. Part of the deception is that this unit is a non-governmental organisation but the admissions about NATO support destroy that argument.

They are clearly a very governmental organisation. But more than that the work of Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Mark Taliano and others about their origins, military and intelligence connections and operations establishes that they are in reality a military propaganda unit, acting within the units of the proxy forces they support, carrying weapons, engaging in hostilities on the side of the NATO proxy forces, acting as a cover for their crimes, generating anti-Syrian disinformation and, when the proxy forces flee government forces, fleeing with them.

They are not a “humanitarian aid group” to be praised but a military propaganda unit, combatants in disguise, to be condemned. And since they are part of the NATO war machine attacking Syria they are war criminals.” 

SELECTION OF ARTICLES and INTERVIEWS – I will be adding to them daily. 


The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake ‘White Helmets’ as Terrorist-linked Imposters. 

The REAL Syria Civil Defence Saving Real Syrians NOT Oscar Winning White Helmets Saving Al Qaeda.

REAL Syria Civil Defence Describe Terrorist ‘Double-Taps’ and Chemical Weapon Attacks in Aleppo.

Syria’s ‘Peaceful Protests’ and ‘Freedom Bullets’ – Testimony from the REAL Syria Civil Defence.


Interview on UK Column – Eastern Ghouta and White Helmets

WHITE HELMETS: “Humanitarians” and the “Moderate” Bomb Factory in Saqba.

Voices from Eastern Ghouta – Video Testimonies 

EASTERN GHOUTA: Syrian Voices Raised in Condemnation of White Helmets

The Egregious Western Media ‘Chemical Weapon’ Fraud in Eastern Ghouta


“Global Britain” is Financing Terrorism and Bloodshed in Syria and Calling it ‘Aid’

White Helmets and Local Councils – is the UK FCO Financing Terrorism in Syria with Taxpayer Funds?

WHITE HELMETS: Channel 4, BBC, The Guardian – Architects of “Humanitarian” War.What to Expect from BBC’s Panorama and Guardian Whitewash of UK Government Funding of Terrorism in Syria


Journey to Aleppo Part I – 
Exposing the Truth Buried Under NATO PropagandaJourney to Aleppo Part II – Syria Civil Defence and Aleppo Medical Association are Real Syrians Helping Real Syrians

LAST MEN IN ALEPPO: Al Qaeda Presented as ‘White Helmets’ for the Annual Terrorist Oscar Nomination. 



WHITE HELMETS: The John McCain Connections and is the ‘Funding Freeze’ for Real?

WHITE HELMETS:  Founded by James Le Mesurier – Video

WHITE HELMETS: Staged Chemical Weapon Attacks – Video 

Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts of Terror Across Syria – Mint Press 

21st Century Wire White Helmet Archives 

The White Helmets are a Propaganda Construct – James Corbett Report with Vanessa Beeley

Humanitarian Propaganda War Against Syria – Led by Avaaz and the White Helmets

I am an independent researcher, writer and photographer. I am 100% self-funding which enables me to maintain my independence, unlike so many of the mainstream media and state sponsored so called independent media outlets who are influenced by their donor agendas. I focus also on peace activism and defend the sovereignty of nations and the self determination of their peoples without foreign intervention or destructive meddling in independent state affairs.

Any donations to my site will fund my future trips to countries under attack by our governments in the West and will enable me to keep exposing their illegal and criminal actions that serve to punish the beleaguered peoples of target nations.

In 2012 I made several trips to Gaza, the first being in August 2012 when entry was not permitted after the murder of Egyptian soldiers during Ramadan. I finally made it into Gaza via the tunnels system in November 2012, just prior to the Israeli aggression, Operation Pillar of Defence. I was present on the borders in Khan Younis, when Hamid Abu Dagga was murdered during an Israeli incursion into Gaza territory days before the aggression began. I left Gaza in December 2012 and spent extended time in Egypt, where I witnessed the 2012 referendum designed to increase Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Morsi’s powers in Egypt. I returned in 2013 and was witness to many of the anti Morsi demonstrations where friends of mine were targeted by security forces and imprisoned during protests. I re-entered Gaza in April 2013 and spent a further six weeks inside Gaza working with various local initiatives and projects.


After several trips to Gaza, I launched the Facebook page, The Wall Will Fall to publish my photographs and articles on life in the Gaza strip. The idea behind the page and The Wall Will Fall was to raise awareness but also to convey the idea that through education, awareness and the development of our own consciousness we can bring down all walls that keep us in ignorance and far from the Truth. The popularity of the page grew exponentially and myself and other contributors are often asked to participate in televised debates on the situation in Palestine and the Middle East.

This initiative in turn led to my involvement in various other projects in and related to Palestine (see my LinkedIn profile for full details)

Gaza Without Walls – An initiative I launched in June 2013: The idea was to connect students in Gaza with English and French teachers across the world, to organise skype lessons to help the students with their IELET exams and English comprehension. It was an idea designed to break down the physical barriers between Gaza and the outside world and it has been very successful in putting the Gaza students in touch with people across the globe who can help with their language skills but who also benefit from a better understanding of the conditions in Occupied Palestine

In 2013 I became a volunteer with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine and attended their inaugural conference in Beirut.

In 2014 I established the Gaza Smile Project to raise funds enabling children to return to school after the devastating Israel aggression that had decimated huge areas of the besieged coastal enclave.

In 2015 I started writing as a special contributor to 21st Century Wire

In 2016 I spent time in the UN, Lebanon, Iran, Syria and Moscow:

March 2016 – I represented Yemen at the UN HRC, Geneva. I testified on the Saudi Coalition use of US supplied cluster bombs against civilian targets in Yemen.

May 2016 – I was a speaker at the Alternative View Symposium AV7 and at Frome Stop War

June 2016 – I was invited as a special guest on the Unified Ummah TV programme that examines the motivations of foreign activists who are protesting their governments illegal and criminal interventions into the affairs of nation states.

July 2016 – I first entered Syria as a member of the US Peace Council delegation. We met with religious leaders, government ministers, unarmed opposition members, Syria NGOs and Humanitarian institutions, Syria state institutions and finally with President Bashar Al Assad who spoke with us for almost two hours and answered a series of probing questions from the delegation.

August 2016 – I re-entered Syria as an independent writer and photographer and extended my visa to three weeks in total which enabled me to visit many areas, including Aleppo. My primary reason for being in Syria was to compliment my research into the multi million NATO and Gulf State funded, terrorist-linked White Helmets, created in 2013 by a British ex military and intelligence officer, James Le Mesurier. As part of this research, I met with the REAL Syria Civil Defence, established in 1953 and a member of the ICDO [International Civil Defence Organisation] and recorded their testimony against the White Helmets.


August 2016 – I also spent extended time on the Syrian Lebanese borders in the Christian village of Al Qaa, interviewing victims of the June 2016 suicide bombing attacks…led by extremist refugees fleeing Syrian Arab Army in Syria.


November 2016 – I was invited to Moscow, Russia with Mother Agnes de la Croix to repot on the illegal NATO state intervention and dirty war on Syria. During this time I met with deputy FM, Mr Bogdanov and MFA spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.


November 2016 – Speaker at Bristol Stop War and Frome Stop War, the British Constitution Group in Winchester.


The majority of my articles are published at 21st Century Wire. I am a special contributor at Mint Press in US and at the UK Column daily news channel.

My work is re-published at the Ron Paul Institute, Global Research, Dissident Voice, Sott., Greanville Post, The London Journal among others.

I have appeared on RT Cross Talk, RT News, Press TV, Ron Paul Liberty Report, Sunday Wire, Sputnik Radio

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  1. Excellent site. Just had a quick look, but will have a better look later
    Keep up the great “work/mission”, Vanessa
    All the best

    “Whilst we can (and should) celebrate our differences (unique), let not our varying beliefs divide us, but let the Spirit of our shared humanity be what defines and unites us all as common citizens of our planet.”

    from http://www.breakdownwalls.wordpress.com and http://www.craigsquotes.wordpress.com

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      • dear Ms. Beeley: I just discovered you a few days ago: your interview w/CAITLIN JOHNSTONE on NEWSLOGUE. I’m print & radio journalist in Minneapolis,MN USA. I do a weekly radio show “Catalyst:politics & culture” on KFAI RADIO (Fridays 9am ST). I’m broadcasting the interivew you & Caitilin did THIS FRI. APRIL 14–and will include info about you (including reference to this site). KFAI is NON-COMMERCIAL/Community Radio (NOT affilliated with NPR/National Petroleum–I mean Public–Radio).I make no money from doing my show. Lydia Howell lydiahowell@comcast.net

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  2. H i vanessa I was wondering if you know anything about the new group being quoted by the Guardian in their latest propaganda piece: ‘Seige watch’


  3. December 2013, the United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) awarded MasterPeace a certificate of Recognition for Innovation in Peace-building. Here you see UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon giving the certificates to both founders, Ilco van der Linde (The Netherlands) and Mohamed Helmy (Egypt).
    June 2013, the Rockefeller Foundation added both MasterPeace founders to the ‘Top100 of Next Centuries Innovators’.
    January 2012, The Big Improvement Day (Europe’s largest business event) awarded MasterPeace as ‘Most Innovative Idea’ for 2012. But for both founders the most inspiring award is the growth and impact on a local level in over 40 countries!


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  5. Hi Vanessa, have you seen ‘The War Show’ documentary – http://thewarshow.com? It’s just played at the BFI London Film Festival. If so, i’m interested to know your thoughts on it. Particularly considering its supposed to be a “on the ground” type of doc.


  6. I’m worried, Vanessa.

    You are a follower of
    Faris Shihabi at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009714551392

    But there is another Facebook account
    Fares Shehabi at https://www.facebook.com/fares.shehabi

    Faris Shihabi looks like an elaborate fake. Faris Shihabi is the source of a story on Southfront “BREAKING: 14 US-LED COALITION MILITARY ADVISERS CAPTURED BY SYRIAN SPECIAL FORCES IN ALEPPO”. The story may be a hoax to discredit people like yourself. If it is fake, the Facebook account ought to be shut down quickly, by the real Fares Shehabi.

    I notice that you and Eva and Maytham are friends with Faris Shihabi. I’m worried!

    From an admirer, just some old bloke living in Runcorn,


  7. Great work Vanessa. I am from syria. Your work is small but its like pin in a haystack of lies-upon-lies, deception-upon-deception and propoganda-upon-propoganda. But truth shall stay afloat despite all opposition. This is the age of tremendous deception and your work is like candle in the wind.

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  8. Vanessa, trying to donate on your PayPal site but it is in French. Got a prize for French at school (That was the only prize I got!) but that was more years ago than I am willing to broadcast!!

    Great site, just stumbled upon it and will be a I fervent follower from now on. Also, now I know how to use the word ad hominem! Thanks, Scott


  9. Hi Vanessa, I’ve spent the morning listening to various interviews you’ve given. I can’t imagine the feelings of having to break through the wall of misinformation the way you have. Just wanted to thank you for your work and tell you that it’s had a profound impact on me.

    Love and thanks from snowy Vancouver,


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  10. Dear Vanessa,

    Thanks for all your good work exposing the WH PR team.

    I wonder whatever happened to the White Helmets in Aleppo? (a somewhat rhetorical question).

    This article profiles an interesting group of people – supposedly Syrians – who left the citadel area of Aleppo just as the siege was lifted, not with the masses of ordinary civilians escaping to west Aleppo, but to Gaza via Jordan and Egypt! They took with them sufficient equipment to start a brand new ‘Syrian style’ restaurant in Gaza. The leader was involved in rescuing civilians whilst in Aleppo! Some of the crew look vaguely familiar but they are all so cleanly shaven!


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  11. I first saw you on video today. You could get an interview with Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com . His email address is WRH@WhatReallyHappened.com
    He is a great supporter of the Palestinian people and of Syria. I would suggest a multi-part series of Skype interviews. Aleppo in part one and then more on Palestine. His website generates a lot of web traffic for guests. As I said, I had not heard of you until today but I had heard Eva Bartlett. I support Syria, the Palestinians, Iran and Hezbollah.

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  12. Dear Vanessa, Thank you for everything you do for Truth! Have a very Happy Christmas wherever you are.
    I so would like to have your posts on Steemit rather than me copying your posts and then being vilified for plagiarism by the nazi bots!
    Thank you

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  13. Vanessa Beeley, I am a Christian American of Italian/Sicilian descent born and living in the USA. When I first came upon your journalism part of me wanted to stop listening to you because I was horrified at what you were saying. Part of me thought that since you are pro Palestine and Russia that you must be on a biased extreme yourself and therefore reporting media lies reflecting that side. Then I started considering that maybe there is some truth to what you report. In your own opinion why do you think the “Regime Changes” are happening. Is it due to threats of possible nuclear capabilities being explored which is not allowed in those countries with danger of it falling into wrong hands? Or due to Israel being threatened by certain Middle East alliances? Or due to fight over control of oil and gas? Or due to Arab groups wanting to enforce an Islamic State? Or is it something else entirely? Why would the USA want to waste all the time and money and do things that result in the crisis and death of so many innocent people. With all your investigating you must have some insight and come to a conclusion yourself. Sincerely, Laurie McGee


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  15. Venessa,

    It is amazing the difference between yourself and the US State Department “spokesperson”, where they cannot seem to answer one question about the tragedy ongoing in Syria, and the fact that you can answer all of the questions posed to you (as an individual without guvmint money). I might take a wild stab at my own question to you, and say that the amount of lies are hard to keep up with, so they don’t want to create too many new ones, you know the fake news type.

    Thank you so much for your news, as even going to that region of war takes a very brave and honorable person. As an American born citizen, I am disgusted by the US guvmint and its lies, so thank you again for exposing them.

    Keep safe and may God bless the Syrian, Russian people and others who continue to defeat the evildoers such as the US, NATO Tribe, UN-security, Saudi, Israel, and other terrorists govts and their mercenaries. May they all end quickly.



    • Thank you, it is comments like this that give me the hope and inspiration to keep doing what I do. God bless you and the brave people of Syria, they are exposing the moral bankruptcy of our governments, but at huge cost to their lives and society, history and culture.


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  17. Dear Vanessa,

    For our ongoing coverage on the “Civil March for Aleppo” movement that recently took off in Berlin, we would like to request your independent view on the Civil March for Aleppo initiative.

    At IRIS we have started a feature page – for the entire duration of that March – where we want to inform our members and the world about the “March” and the Syrian war on a daily basis, as developments are published by “the March” organizers and followers. We are critical of this initiative and a more concrete voice or opinion is needed to put the situation in a clearer perspective. Preferably from someone who actually was on the ground in Aleppo, Syria.

    You can review the topic and issues on this page:


    Thank you very much,

    Koen Jacobs


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  19. While I trust your work, you have been complaining that MSM journalists and NGOs are not present in Syria. I don’t know about NGOs but surely western journalists have been barred by the Syrian government? Not that this is makes the activists’ reports more true.

    Can you comment on this please?


  20. I have been disappointed that you have chosen to attack me, for absolutely no reason, on social media and that you continued to do so even though I asked that you stop. I am surprised that you use the language you do and effectively troll others.


  21. Hello Vanessa,
    I have sent you an email lately regarding donations for Syrians but didn’t hear anything from you yet. Can you inform me if you can help me in this matter or not? Thanks, John


  22. Hi Vanessa, hope you have a happy new year and keep up the great work you are doing. Can you advise a good place where one may make donations for those in need in Syria.


  23. Hello Vanessa!
    I’d like to invite you to a speaking engagement for my organization. Is there an email I can send the details to? We’d love to hear about your experiences.


  24. Hi Vanessa,
    Thank you for exposing the lies that the MSM are perpetuating about the White Helmets. Their attempt to wriggle out of the controversy surrounding their ‘mannequin challenge’ video was laughable, but even so, when I have shown it to friends here in London they find it hard to accept as reality, so deep has the brainwashing gone.
    It is a total disgrace that the film about them has been nominated for an Oscar; is George Clooney out of his mind? What kind of a ‘human rights’ lawyer is his wife?The guy who claims to have directed it has never even been to Aleppo.
    Your work is absolutely essential in this era of fake news.



  25. Dear Vanessa, my name is Arnaud, I’m french ( so, sorry for my english 😡 ) and I follow and love your awesome work.

    I’m writing here because I don’t know how to contact you elsewhere, I want to inform you that in France the candidate I support for the election of the President of the French Republic, François Asselineau, the “FREXIT” candidate, is the only one who wants to bring France out of the European Union and NATO because he’s against the illegal warfare led by this organization, he’s for the sovereignty of the peoples, for a sovereign Syria or a sovereign Libya for example!

    The problem is that as he’s openly against the system in place, against the all-powerful European Union, they try to censor or slander it by claiming that he’s far-right, but this is false! He’s a man of peace, a humanist, by the way, his program is much more to the left that most of the candidates.

    But now he has obtained, yesterday, the 500 sponsorships of French elected officials necessary to be officially candidate for the election. So they can no longer censor it because a law requires the main medias to ensure the fairness of speaking time to the candidates who are officially in campaign, but they still try to slander it. Yet his election would be beneficial to the whole world, he is for friendship among the nations, wants to recreate strong ties, as well with the United States as with Russia or China that he knows very well, and also with the nations of the great Africa. So I thought that if nobody can openly support him in France, the rest of the world must support his candidacy!

    For my part, my networks are very limited, I need help in this quest, that’s why I call on you, you have a much more extensive network than mine, maybe you know international journalists or influential people, with lot of followers, or maybe politicians, ready to spread this good news around the world!

    So, I hope everything is going well for you, thank you very much if you succeed.

    Peace ✌


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  27. Hi Vanessa,
    Not sure you would be interested but I would love to see appear on CJ Werleman’s show to push back about his claims concerning Syria. I asked him if he would have opposing viewpoints on the conflict and he said yes. If you are open to this I’d like to suggest to him inviting you on and see if he is up to it or just all talk.


  28. Heard you on Gary Null Wednesday, some of your statements were not clear enough for me to understand but it was an interesting interview. Not sure why your referred to the recent bombing in England as “alleged.”


    • Hi Bill, I apologise if there was any lack of clarity, unfortunately we kept losing the connection so my interview had to be re-started around 10 times 🙂 so it could be that I lost a bit of my thread in that process. The reason i referred to the recent bombing as “alleged” is because, in my opinion, the media immediately ran with the “bomb” narrative with NO forensic analysis or investigation. I find this to be irresponsible and potentially incendiary..perhaps intentionally so. I had received reports that there was no bomb, that in fact it had been as a result of electrical faults or other…so I was not in a position to confirm it was definitely a bomb. Hope that explains my reticence. We are being deceived by way too many false flags and staged events domestically and internationally for me to not practice some kind of caution over drawing premature conclusions.


  29. Vanessa: Your reportage is stellar. Maybe this is why you are ‘not’ a celebratory status journo.

    I do recommend a search feature however. I’m looking for some FSA info that isn’t just incidental and will have to go elsewhere. Time…

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  30. Vanessa,

    First, thank you for all the excellent work you’ve done.

    Watching videos of the “rebels” boarding the busses in East Ghouta ca. 22-25 March, 2018, I saw a LOT of White helmets guys wandering around. As usual, they fled with the moderate headchoppers.

    But I noticed a LOT of guys in sparkling, new purple costumes assisting the retreat, so I enlarged a screen shot and saw they are another NGO called “Violet Syria.”

    So, I went to their website, and followed links to their “partners” and sure enough, all Western-funded “color revolution” types.

    Violet Syria was founded in 2014 in Turkey, just as White helmets had been a year earlier. Their sponsors include the International Rescue Committee, whose President and CEO is David Miliband, whom I’m sure you know is a former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom.


    Violet Syria’s website doesn’t seem to list any of their staff/directors. But this page lists their sponosrs.


    This group may deserve a more thorough investigation, and I can think of no one better qualified than you and your team.


    Violet Syria “Partners” listed on their homepage:
    Qatar Red Crescent, Asfari Foundation, International Rescue Committee, Shelter Box, Vision hope, Care, Danish Muslim Aid

    Asfari Foundation

    Ayman Asfari

    Ayman Asfari is Group Chief Executive of Petrofac Limited. He has led the growth of Petrofac from a small US-based engineering business to a FTSE 250 multinational company employing more than 18,000 employees worldwide. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the American University of Beirut, and sits on advisory boards of Chatham House and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
    Sawsan Asfari

    Sawsan Asfari is a trustee and co-founder of the Asfari Foundation, and is an executive director of the Galilee Foundation, which supports the development of the Palestinian community in Israel. Sawsan is active in various other charities and is also a board member of the leading Palestinian development organisation, the Welfare Association, as well as the US Middle East Project. She co-founded the film production company Cactus World Films.
    Adeeb Asfari

    Adeeb Asfari is an investment professional at First Reserve Momentum, a platform with a focus on upstream equipment and services. He previously spent five years with Simmons & Company, a corporate finance advisory, having worked in Aberdeen, Oslo and Dubai previously. Adeeb holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics from the University of Nottingham.

    John Ferguson

    Formerly financial director of Shell Syria, John Ferguson has extensive experience of senior financial management. Now retired…
    Marwan Muasher

    Marwan Muasher’s career has spanned the areas of diplomacy, development, civil society and communications. He began his career as a journalist, and served the government of Jordan, inter alia, as minister of foreign affairs and ambassador to the US and to Israel. More recently, Marwan was senior vice president of external affairs at the World Bank and a senior fellow at Yale University. He currently serves on the Board of AUB…

    Rasha Elmasry

    Rasha Elmasry is an independent jewellery designer. She earned a BA in Journalism from New York University…. In addition to helping establish Human Rights Watch London’s annual auction fundraiser, she partnered with the Karam Foundation to sell over 1,000 specially designed bracelets in support of education programmes for Syrian children in Turkey. Rasha has a strong affinity to Syrian culture and heritage and has been supportive of several organisations that help Syrian refugees.

    Shelter Box

    Chris Warham, CHIEF EXECUTIVE
    Chris is an entrepreneur who has set up and run a number of businesses in the UK and overseas. Most recently he was chief operating officer of a large group of PR, marketing and communications businesses with operations in the UK, Germany, the USA and Singapore.

    Michael is a specialist in chartered accountancy. He has held positions in a number of leading global accounting firms, as well as being a partner in a local firm of accountants.

    Richard has a long history of working in the voluntary sector with organisations such as Oxfam, Macmillan and Shelter working to drive income, create exciting partnerships and raise awareness to support growth and reach more people in need of support. 

    Darren is a specialist in engineering and supply chain management. As a consultant, he has overseen major projects for The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 organizations.

    Vision Hope, a Germany-based charity (NGO)
    Vision Hope’s work is focused in Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, and Germany

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    • Hi Daniel, I had already started to compile research on the Violets since we spotted them working in Idlib in 2016 but your information suggests they have expanded. Thank you so much for all these links, I will be sure to go through them. Please do let me know if you find anything else….Peace.


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  32. Hi Vanessa

    I think I’ve got the solution to how the world can free itself from the shit we’re in. Allow me to take you on a little journey. We’re controlled through the monetary system. You can’t have wars and control without being able to print as much money as you like. So how do we get the money out of the elites control and into the hands of the many?

    When Bitcoin came along it gave hope to take control out of those money printers hands. But it was not a good enough technology. People still had to use Cryptocurrency exchanges and so those exchanges became the new centres of control. They were hacked, were used to front run their own customers and those who had control of the exchanges took control of the new money. People ended up leaving their Bitcoin on exchanges and thus didn’t have control of their keys. A popular saying in the Crypto became “Not your keys, not your Crypto.” Then the developers colluded to limit the development of the new technology and so they had to change the narrative from a new payment system to a store of value. That meant that all one could do was buy the hard money and hodl on for dear life. Now that the fiat monetary system is collapsing Bitcoin has become a play thing for the rich.

    As a reaction to that limitation of development, Vitalik Buterin and others came along and invented Ethereum. Ethereum allows people to write immutable contracts that sit on a secure blockchain. I would argue that Ethereum is even more secure than Bitcoin. It is mined on GPUs. Whereas Bitcoin led to massively centralised mining farms, Ethereum is secured by 1000s of computers geographically all over the world. Those computers are way cheaper to acquire. It can be mined on good gaming rigs. The Bitcoin code has had 2 inflation bugs. Ethereum has never had one. The Bitcoin code has never been publicly audited. Ethereum has had and still has a bug bounty program that has been running for 7 years. Ethereum allowed developers to print their own tokens. This brought in the ICO craze and all the craziness that came with it. Anybody in the world could invest in new projects that promised great returns. Along came the developers and the shysters. A huge amount of economic energy poured into Ethereum. People got scammed and the whole Crypto space became a minefield of bad projects and broken promises.

    Then, a bit over a year ago a new Product was launched called HEX. Notice that I say product, rather than project. Hex is unique as a Crypto. It was launched complete. Whereas all other projects made promises of future work, Hex was launched as a fully finished product. It is a simple and elegant contract that sits on the Ethereum blockchain. It is secured by the Ethereum blockchain and HEX is an ERC20 standard coin. But the true genius of HEX is that it monetises time.

    Time is the one thing in the world that everyone in the world has equal access to. It is the great leveller. We can all spend our time as we wish. Hex monetises time by allowing people to stake it. Once you have hex you can send it to the Hex contract to stake. Staking means locking it up. You can stake Hex for anywhere from between 1 – 5555 days (over 15 years). By staking Hex you earn interest. The contract is written so that longer always pays better and it replicates compound interest. This is mathematically encoded. The amount of interest one earns is dependent on the staking behaviour of everyone in the system. As a greater percentage of Hex is staked the amount of interest everyone earns goes down. When a lesser percentage of the whole is staked the interest rate goes up. The way staking works longer will always pay better. If I stake for 1 year I get about 20%,, but with 2 years I get around 40%. That does not mean 20% + 20%. It means 40% over the whole 2 years. At 3 years one earns around 60%, 4 = 80%, 5 = 100%…all the way up to 10 years = 200%. Between 10-15 years one still makes 200% but over the greater time period. It is possible to Emergency End your stake but there are huge penalties. Half of those penalties are paid to all the other stakers.

    Once you make a stake, that Hex does not exist, and in its place you have a cryptographic piece of code that allows you to print your principal plus interest. Currently 9.8% of Hex is staked for a weighted average duration of 4.87 years. On average stakers are earning 37.57% PA. 444 Million USD worth of Hex is staked. As more and more Hex is staked that means less and less supply of Hex is available to be sold. The price of any commodity is simply supply and demand. If there is less supply and demand remains the same or increases, the price goes up. Cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating of all assets for the last decade. Bitcoin has increased in price about 33 Million % since its inception. And Bitcoin is the old technology.

    Hex rewards those that keep their word and can delay gratification. With other investments you have to sit around fretting whether to sell or not. And most will sell way before they realise their full potential. Human psychology works against traders and most of the time they end up getting rekt by trying to time the market. And they end up spending their time staring at a screen in anxiety. Hex frees up people’s time. There has never been a financial product like it where people can lock up their money for up to 15 years. It gives people hope.

    The Hex contract is immutable. It cannot be changed. There are no admin keys. It will be as it is forever. It has had 3 public audits both for it’s security and economics. It is the most transparent Crypto. We can see in a verifiable way how much and how long people have locked up their Hex for.

    Soon after Hex was launched another amazing bit of technology was launched. Another contract that sits on Ethereum is called an Automated Market Maker (AMM). AMMs are replacing Crypto exchanges. Instead of a centrally controlled exchange where people place buy and sell orders, an AMM replaces all of that with a contract that has a simple formula. This allows anybody to get the fairest price whether buying or selling. One can see how much slippage your buy or sell is moving the price and then make your decision. Once the trade is made the price adjusts, all automated, out of the hands of humans. This allows people trading to keep control of their keys the whole time. Remember “Not your keys, not your Crypto.”

    I believe the combination of Hex and AMMs will truly revolutionise not only finance but the whole world. There have never been financial instruments like them. As people realise their fiat money is assured to lose value, they will look to other stores of value. What gives anything value? It is only what people perceive as valuable. People can now monetise their time, which we all have equally. It is one component of our way out of this beautiful mess.

    As the world elite try to tie up the payments systems they’re missing the real golden goose, store of value.

    A community of people has emerged around Hex called Hexicans. Of course its being gate kept by various players such as influencers and exchanges. As a reaction to that gatekeeping Hexicans have taken it upon themselves to spread the word. There are Hex streams every day with real people putting our faces out there. Like any worthy info you have to dig deep, research it, and understand it. But there are people who can provide all the verifiable information that you need. It’s another rabbit hole but one worth entering. Hexicans mainly hang out on twitter and in Telegram groups. We are here to help.

    I’m happy to answer any questions you have but start with going to hex.com and reading the FAQs.

    Along with the Wim Hof method for our health, Hex will liberate the world in my humble opinion. People just have to understand it. Humanity is infinitely innovative.

    We are no match for those that try to control us. Time to turn the tide.


  33. Dear Vanessa,
    I believe I read about a documentary some time ago with Keith Allen that was going to be made exposing the BBC and their lies about Syria, is it still going ahead? I hope you write up your research with references in book format as the truth can easily be removed from the Internet. It would be good to have your book recommendations on the Deep state, secret services, geopolitics and the background to these issues as well as books you value in general, also suggestions of any documentaries you think are valuable. Would be interested to hear if any organisations/individuals you think deserve support. Simon Sizer has been involved in various anti-Zionist Christian and multi-faith projects in the Middle East, do you know him? Do you agree with the positions Baroness Cox has taken? Is there anything that can be done to change matters given the interlocking and unaccountable power of the msm, corporations and banks, NGOs and politicians? I fear Biden and his corrupt gang are planning to bomb Iran. Thank you for all your work and great moral courage now needed to challenge our treacherous leaders. All the best, Andrew


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  35. Hello Vanessa,

    I’ve been following your exploits as they arose since the beginning of the Syrian ‘misadventure’… I thankyou for doing what is conscionable and a counter to the m.o. of the hegemonic powers. We all fight in our own way, but yours has been dramatic and dangerous and that is to your credit and I suppose to your parents, too. I am writing what i hope to be a powerful and thought provoking semi-autobiographical novel which contains within it the kernel of ideas, concepts, philosophies and aspirations of why and how to fight against the so called elites. Throughout the novel there is a character that has fought in Syria as a merc, but has a catclysmic turning point there, I have the essential schema, but i woudl so love to speak with you for some insights to loan authenticity to the script…let me know if you can spare maybe 30 mins to chat, I would be greatly indebted if this became possible?

    Kind Regards,



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