Yousef Deeb Child

Palestine: A Child Bride forced into Marriage

“Palestine was an innocent child bride sold into marriage by its adopted family and then abused, violated, beaten and raped by an enforced husband who invaded her body and took what is precious to her and left her to slowly bleed to death in a room without light or hope. We as her family are…

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When pain paralyses your heart and grief tears at your soul you scream to God for the power to turn back time. You wish it could have been you who was taken, not your child. Not the child you brought into this world with the wish that their lives could be better than yours, the…

Yousef Deeb Behind Closed Doors

Through the cracks..

Every child in Gaza has a story to tell. Through the cracks in the walls they see the world as a prism of fear and grief. They clamber through the jagged entrails of their homes. They watch the skies for death. They write the names of their dead friends in the dust. They are alive…


Thoughts for the Day ~ Intervention, ISIS and Israel.

What is astounding is the alacrity with which the Obama Government dismiss all diplomatic solutions in favour of military intervention as far as certain strategic sovereign nations are concerned ~ Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Afghanistan to name a few. Yet they are more than capable of sustaining the diplomatic process with Israel despite Israel’s daily…

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Military Intervention is never the answer.

I dithered over posting this (on facebook) as I will probably lose “friends” over it…but enough is enough. Assad stands against the US NATO and the whole Axis of Interventionism Assad has steadfastly resisted Zionism and supported the Palestinian cause, one of the few Arab nations to remain loyal despite not always being appreciated for…

Old Man

Images from Gaza ~ Operation Protective Edge

Each day I would like to feature one Photographer from Gaza. Today Yousef Deeb http:// These photographers do not simply take photos, they create art out of the devastation and suffering in Gaza. “Art is the light that shines through the wound”

remember sabra and shatila poster

“They shot my father in the head”: interview with survivor of Sabra and Shatila massacre

“Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre was commemorated by people of different nationalities around the world. In Lebanon the commemoration was only observed by Palestinians living in refugee camps; Lebanese people were not concerned. The massacre carried out by the Phalange, a Christian Maronite militia acting in full cooperation with Israel,…