Thoughts for the Day ~ Intervention, ISIS and Israel.

What is astounding is the alacrity with which the Obama Government dismiss all diplomatic solutions in favour of military intervention as far as certain strategic sovereign nations are concerned ~ Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Afghanistan to name a few.

Yet they are more than capable of sustaining the diplomatic process with Israel despite Israel’s daily violations of International law, Human and civil rights in the region, and the universally accepted existence of an Apartheid State. 66 years and counting of negotiations to be exact. The one time when military intervention would not only be sanctionable but even widely acclaimed the US does the opposite and ensures that the Israeli war machine that commits the atrocities is maintained, fuelled and expanded by US & NATO aid.

Israel benefits from the creation of ISIS.
The world is distracted from their lack of adherence to the ceasefire, their continued violations of Human Rights and Civil Rights in Palestine. Their sustained containment and blockade of Gaza. Their Genocidal agenda goes unpunished, semi forgotten and ultimately condoned by our governments who now turn their attention to the bigger fish ISIS.

The ISIS creation feeds Israel’s Hasbara with the endless justification for the war on terror and against Islam & Hamas. It puts petrol back into the anti semitic fuel tanks that were running on empty after the massacre in Gaza and the subsequent increase in land grabs in Occupied Palestine.

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