Indigo Child

Child of light

Child of grace

Child of colour

Child of the night,

the past, the future,

the day

Hear the signs

See the music,

lifting, touching, burning Bright

Touch your heart,

touch the others

Touch the scent of the wind on the move

The rain on hot earth,

feel it

Taste the colours on your tongue

Playing notes unsung

Scent, scented, senses tempted

Twist and turn,

bend with the waves of insanity

know your way

though darkness tumbles in noiseless,

deafening, deadening scales

and embraces you in her pyramid maze

Know your way

To the inbetween

To vaults of light and dark

Ceaseless hum of buried colour

Calling, singing,

crying your names

Know your way

to your brothers

Your sisters

Yours, yours and yours

Never denying, never succumbing

Knowing, always knowing

The way back to where it began

Inside, outside, under, over

The journey is begun

to the end of the beginning

And the beginning of the end

Be brave Children of the night,

the day

East, West, North, South

The carrion claw, the clarion call

Answer my children

Answer as if your heart would break

Answer the shades, the hues, the petrol blues

Answer the call….of Indigo…

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