Yarmouk: Breaking News.


Conversation between Paul Larudee and Khaled Abdul Majeed, the secretary general of the united Palestinian factions that are fighting the extremists.

“Khaled says that until now it is units of the PFLP and other Palestinians fighters that are doing the fighting inside the camp, that the Syrian army is not entering the camp. However, the army is providing artillery cover for the fighters and the army is hitting Hajjar al-Aswad, next to Yarmouk, where the Daesh/ISIS fighters are coming from. It also came to light that many of the Palestinian Resistance are not interested in what Abbas has to say in response to reports that the PLO will not enter the fray in Yarmouk. Very few of them are Fatah, anyway. [NOTE: There are Palestinian units of the Syrian army, but presumably they are not yet directly involved.]

Khaled says UNRWA is trying to get the civilians out, and the SAA is cooperating with them. However, Daesh/ISIS is preventing them from leaving the areas that it controls. Contrary to everything we hear from the MSM, it sounds like the only thing preventing the SAA from taking more drastic action may be the presence of civilians, and if it looks like there is no way to save them anyway, the SAA may be forced to take a harder line in the Yarmouk camp. Khaled sounds optimistic that Daesh/ISIS will be removed.”

Photo:  A fighter of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command (PFLP-GC) mans a weapon as he stands behind sandbags in the Yarmouk refugee camp in the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, following fighting against rebels forces who control 75 per cent of the camp.

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