Aleppo: Update from Syria

A major “terrorist” attack against Aleppo took place (or started) yesterday, using a new type of missile, that are destroying buildings over the heads of their inhabitants. Some said that this is a “gift” for the Armenians and Eastern Christians in general, as they are celebrating their Good Friday (yesterday) and Easter (tomorrow), as the attacks were against the Sleimaniyyé area in the city of Aleppo; others said it’s irrelevant, because new attacks took place today on other areas as well where inhabitants are not Christians in majority. It seems like these are new weapons that came from Turkey, and they want to occupy Aleppo with them, the same way they did in Idleb last week. The Turkish plan to take the northern provinces of Syria and annex them to Turkey is ongoing.

Over 12 died, and 50 injured, in addition 7 storey buildings had been either damaged totally or partially. I saw some pictures of couple of buildings lost their top 2-3 floors. Very similar to the images of those collapsed roofs of buildings in other places in that unfortunate country.
Lies, of course, and psycho wars and propaganda are spreading everywhere on the social media and mainstream media. I left Facebook since 1.5 year now, but I can read the comments on YouTubes. From one side, whoever is supporting all these attacks are pretty happy and they are not hiding it. They are saying that sooner or later they going to occupy all Aleppo and Syria, and all of us (who are not with them) are going to be executed in one way or another. They are gloating over what’s happening to innocent civilians, because they called us “infidels” and that we don’t deserve to live.
The other type of comments and news, however are playing the role of a fool. An innocent fool indeed! This is like the notes you read from the UN Ban Ki Moon and his fellows, that they don’t know what happened, and who did those attacks, and why, … but they know that this “regime” of Syria is incapable to protect his people, so Asad had to step down and let someone else come to solve the problem! Or who knows? may be that was the “regime” killing his own people to blame it on the innocent peaceful rebels who are suffering from the “barrel bombs”! In both cases, the “regime” has to leave according to these propagandists.
The UN already is accusing the Houthis/Ansarullah in Yemen of destroying hospitals, and ignoring the real news of the Saudi attacks on those hospitals with their brand new American jet fighters! Thus, I heard in the news that the UN is putting new sanctions on the Houthis! … Is this world a big Zoo ? A huge mental hospital ? The same attitudes against Syria and Iraq. Politics is the art of lying. They dress so neat, and look so highly educated and civilized, wear an amazing perfume, but they are monsters from the inside.
There is a saying in Arabic, that must have an equivalent in English:   “They kill the victim, yet they walk to his funeral” ! .. Indeed, they are sending all those terrorists to kill and destroy, but when you try to mention that to them, they start weeping and remonstrating for  the lost souls and the damaged infrastructure!
What type of “people” are these politicians ?!
Photo:  Syrian Arab Army and NDF defending Aleppo.

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