The Assassination of Egypt’s Chief Prosecutor.

A brief summary of a revolution that lost its way and descended into violence and revenge killings ~ by young Egyptian author and women’s rights advocate, Ahmed El Fiky

My Take on the assassination of the chief prosecutor of Egypt :

( The Egyptian Politics in a nutshell )

1- Few hours before the 25th of January 2011, The Muslim Brotherhood declared that they are not – officially – going to participate in the protests, yet they won’t prevent any of their members from doing so.

2- The protests succeeded and all the political currents went out in the streets ( Including the MB) to Join the protesters.

3- Egyptians were divided for the first time after the revolution during the March 19 referendum on the constitutional amendments. A group ( Islamists and Couch Party ) voted yes and Liberals voted No . The Liberals thought it more logical and effective to have a new constitution since it’s a revolution.

4- The MB chose not to participate in the sit-in of Mohamed Mahmoud declaring out loud that the parliament elections are so close and more important.

5- The MB won the majority of seats in the parliaments although they announced that they are not going to be represented in all circles ( which didn’t happen).

6- The MB declared that they won’t run for presidency. Once Abo Al Fotouh chose to run for presidency, they forgot their promises and chose Khairat Al Shater to run for presidency.. Then it ended up with Morsi running instead of Shater whose papers were refused.

7- Some of the Revolutionaries choose Morsi in order not to have Shafik as a president. Morsi won.

8- The media and the army started their fight with the MB and Morsi trying to drive them to failure. They succeeded and called /mobilized people to go out in the streets asking for early elections ( some wanted to remove Morsi ).

9- Morsi refused any compromise- though by doing so he could have prevented bloodshed- under the claim that he is the legitimate president. The number of the protesters were vast and any referendum would have lead to the removal of Morsi.

10- Morsi was overthrown by the army in the 3rd of July military coup. Since then the army head ( Sisi ) became the real ruler of Egypt.

11- The MB mobilized people in Rab’a and Nahda squares calling for the return of Morsi. Their tone was very violent. The army asked them to clear the sit in, but they refused.

12- The Chief prosecutor ( Hisham Barakat ) gave his orders to evacuate Rab’a and Nahda.

13- The leaders who were monopolizing the stage started calling people for resistance and declaring that they are ready for martyrdom. Al Biltagi -for instance-
said that they won’t leave the square even if the army killed 100 000 of the protestors. Later on he was caught hiding in an apartment in Nasr City.

14- The army succeeded – of course – in evacuating the square with a lot of bloodshed and after murdering hundreds of people ( at least ).

15- Since then some Islamists lost their belief in a ” peaceful resistance “.. their number is increasing over time as oppression increases.

16- The chief prosecutor Hisham Barakat was assassinated on the 29th of June 2015

17- People now are divided into two main groups : A- Those who are happy with his death ( Mostly Islamists ) claiming it is a revenge from God, mentioning his crimes.
B- Those who are mourning him,dealing with him as a hero and cursing the Islamists and calling for their cleansing.
Few people are against both the terrorism of the state and the terrorism of the militant groups carrying out such attacks.
Stupid analyses are being produced by Islamists to allege that the regime assassinated the chief prosecutor.

18- Political assassination is not new to the Egyptian people. Since the 1900s and most of our political movements ( Including Liberal movements) have carried out such attacks. This shows that the problem is in the people not the message they claim to follow.

19- I can’t live anymore with the brainwashed Islamists, the stupid passive couch party who worship the ruler and the double standard Liberals who betrayed their principles.

20- All  I care about now is how we ruined the peaceful message of Islam by showing the west how violent, revenge seeking and blood-thirsty we are. I always believed- and still believe – that my place is not here and that people in Europe. Americas, Africa and Asia are more ready to listen, understand and appreciate. Our problem is that we took our message for granted, thought of ourselves as superior, became arrogant and violent and started poisoning the minds of new Muslims.

My Scope is the message of God, not dirty politics.

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