love in liberated Homs

In Gaza

Photo of St. George’s church in Old Homs [from Al Hamidiya FB page]

dscn4121-640x480 St. George’s church in June 2014, post liberation from NATO’s terrorists.

-by Eva Bartlett

I’m sharing a message from a Christian Syrian friend from the Old City of Homs. I met him last year after Homs was liberated of its NATO death squads…He told me of his own family having fled their home upon entry of terrorist gangs to their district, and kindly toured me around the shattered churches and neighbourhood of the Old City. I wrote about it here: Homs: “We wanted to protect our house”   and here:  Liberated Homs Residents Challenge Notion of “Revolution”

His story was beyond sad, as was that that of Zeinat and Aymen who had remained in their homes and been repeatedly robbed by the armed gangs till they near-starved…and the stories of other Homs residents I met who spoke…

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