Meshaal courts Saudi Barbaria.

Hamas making their position very clear and allying themselves with the Saudi/Zionist/US Triad/coalition. Hamas political leaders continue to disappoint and to simultaneously betray their people & the Resistance. Hamas have publicly sat on the fence re the Saudi unprovoked aggression against Yemen that is ensuring the vicious genocide of the Yemeni people but this is a blatant display of support for the Saudi agenda in the region which we know to be closely allied with Israel and the US. Its a great shame that those within Hamas who profess to desire a rapprochement with the Axis of Resistance [Iran, Hezbollah, Syria] are not doing more to prevent this depressing betrayal, not only of the Palestinian people but of the poorest of the poor Muslims in Yemen and the innocents in Syria, Iraq, Libya etc who are being massacred by the Saudi funded death squads.

The only beneficiary of this alliance [and the recent Egypt/Hamas/Saudi Triad] in the region is Israel..

“Israel will ultimately be the primary beneficiary from this turn of events. It will have a cease-fire with Hamas. It will become an important element in the Saudi-Egypt-Hamas triad, and it won’t have to sit at the negotiating table with Mahmoud Abbas.”

“Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal has met with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in Riyadh on Friday, a source in the Palestinian movement told Reuters.

Meshaal was accompanied by a number of senior Hamas members when he met King Salman along with other top Saudi officials, including the kingdom’s crown prince and defence minister

The Hamas-Saudi meeting, the first in a number of years, is seen as part of a rapprochement drive between the Palestinian movement and Riyadh, following the death of King Abdullah in January 2015.

“The delegation discussed Palestinian unity and the political situation in the region. This meeting will hopefully develop relations between Hamas and Saudi Arabia,” the source told Reuters.

The delegation of Hamas leaders were reported to be in Saudi Arabia to perform the Umrah, or lesser pilgrimage, sources told MEE on Wednesday.

Hamas was reportedly banned from entering the Gulf country during the reign of former King Abdullah.

Haaretz recently reported that Saudi Arabia has been facilitating contacts between Hamas and its Palestinian rival Fatah, in an effort to advance reconciliation between the two Palestinian factions and improve Hamas’ relations with both Saudi Arabia and Egypt.” Reuters report.

New Saudi King tied to Al Qaeda & Islamic Terrorism

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