More and more people are asking us: what can we do? Now that we can all see the political implications, the international manipulations, the interests that have caused and keep stoking the flames of the conflict in Syria, now that everyone – or almost everyone – is talking about it and yet everything is incredibly going on just like it was before…. those who would like to do something for Syria, and above all for the Syrian people and all of the Middle East, feel powerless.

But this is not the case, something can indeed be done… First of all, never stop wanting to understand this war, gathering information, making an effort to listen to all those involved. This of itself means a lot, because a lot of what has happened would have been impossible had it not been for the misinformation, the power and the violence of the communications that are subject to particular interests, just like with many other situations.

Let’s also look ahead, “beyond” this war. Let’s not content ourselves with dwelling on the rubble and the horrors that a degraded humanity is capable of. Let’s not remain suspended in this vague and discouraging feeling of things unavoidable, against which we are powerless to do anything. Let’s look at what we can do TODAY.

We must do something to edify, to plan for the future. Which is bound to be. We here are sure of this: the more our troubles multiply, the more we find ourselves able to cope… What the Syrians want today, what they need, above all else, is simply to stay alive.

These words may appear banal, obvious, laughable. But today they need to be said: without “life’s basics” , it is all the other values that become laughable.

We ARE alive, despite everything. But our lives are sorely tried, worn out; literally worn to death. Because not only does that iniquitous tool of “democracy” that they call INTERNATIONAL SANCTIONS do nothing to help us , it greatly hinders us.

Somewhere, in Germany and perhaps elsewhere, someone is taking action. Someone has at last decided to reconsider the sanctions. We ask you to support them, mobilize, create more petitions. Do something.

It is really time to put an end to this disgrace…. Everyone knows very well that these measures have no effect on those who are in power. The sanctions hurt the people, and they hurt them very hard….. No raw material for laborers to work on, no medicine, not even for serious illnesses. Everything impossibly expensive, food prices soaring tenfold… Unemployment, in a country at war, giving way to widespread violence, delinquency, smuggling, corruption, speculation, insecurity. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the fruits of the sanctions….

The people can’t take it anymore… “Great, that’s exactly what we want to achieve with the sanctions: to exasperate the people so that they will put pressure on the government”. Great? We want? Who is WE? Over four years of suffering by the people, four years of surviving by the skin of their teeth… Just think what four years mean to a child who is growing up. Can you imagine how important they are?

How can one even think of making people suffer for years in order to achieve some political, strategic outcome ? And then blithely pretend it’s in the people’s best interests? No, this truly can’t be. And if we can’t find any other means than this, then we are really unworthy of calling our countries democratic … (i.e. countries that ought to do things for the sake of the people !!!)

Yet at the same time the West continues to send money, help…. And this must sincerely be made known, everyone here is truly grateful for this, because the West knows how to be very generous, it always is. Yes, you yourselves who are reading this, have so often opened your hearts.

But isn’t this absurd? Why not create jobs and opportunities? Why not stop the rackets that hugely multiply the costs ? Why not re-ignite lives and invest in projects?

We need say nothing more… We ask you, from the bottom of our hearts, to do something to do away with the sanctions as soon as possible.

This you CAN do. Thank you!

The Trappist nuns

Italian Version

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