Gaza, the buried terror.

Not only did Israel drop enough explosives on Gaza to equal the Hiroshima bomb, they left behind [UN reported] 7000 unexploded missiles, of which only one third have been cleared.

That leaves over 4000 unexploded bombs that are lurking under the rubble of the destroyed houses and civilian infrastructure. In Gaza, a strip of land, 40km X 7km at its narrowest point [the size of the Isle of Wight] this results in a permanent & horrific danger for the 1.8 million inhabitants. Children clamber over the ruins and mountains of rubble every day. Every day there is a time bomb waiting to detonate under their bare feet.

This is only one toxic and murderous legacy left by Israel after it massacred thousands in last year’s brutal¬†bombardment.

While the illegal & criminal State of Israel exists, there is no justice, there are no equal rights, there is no ceasefire, there is no end to the violence and there is no hope of freedom for Palestine. Israel turns up the pressure on a whim to further collectively punish the people it has never ceased to viciously brutalize. The Zionist entity must be torn down and Palestine rebuilt before Justice can ever be considered to have been served.

Photo: Yousef Deeb, Gaza

Photo: Yousef Deeb, Gaza

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