Syria: The terrorist siege of Kafarya and Foua

Translation of the terrorist talk to camera ~ “We started our attack since early dawn, and we were first able to liberate this two-story house, where thank God we killed many soldiers, then we advanced to these farms which we liberated. And then we approached al-Barrad crossing which we also liberated and killed many forces there. Now the mujahideen are directed towards Kafarya and al-Foua villages.”
“Bashar’s followers and slaves, and al-Foua and Kafarya’s people and Hizbullah and Iran all thought that these barricades would keep them from al-Sham’s lions, from the Islamic Ahrar al-Sham movement. But we have come with men who love to die for the sake of liberating this pure land from Assad’s gangs.”

These are the disgusting depraved beasts who are besieging Kafarya and Foua in Idlib province. These are the monsters massacring women and children like 1 year old Rimas and 5 year old Sarah who wrote these pure words: “Please God allow us to go safely to Sham (Damascus)…
I am the little child Sarah, Answer my Prayer
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God,
Let us go to Sham…
Allah Answers the prayers of children….
Sincerely the Child Sarah…”

These are the “NATO death squads” in all their repulsive, inhuman, slavering bestiality. The brave people of Kafarya and Foua will never kneel, the SAA will never kneel, the NDF will never kneel, Hezbollah will never kneel. This place will be your graveyard, not theirs!!! God is with Syria and the Syrian people not with the true infidels.

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