Update from Aleppo: The Terrorists rain cooking gas cylinder bombs down upon our heads.

I thought that these vehicles were burned out years ago, but it was couple of nights ago. These are two out of three cars for civilians, in a Christian area (mixed residential and commercial) in Aleppo. This was after a shelling by the terrorist cooking gas cylinder bombs.

I was passing by today and managed to capture that picture. The kids were trying to loot the wreckage, so I took advantage of the situation and shot my picture. Those bombs are shelled by terrorists upon the heads of civilians, damaging and killing blindly.

They will launch anywhere between 20 – 200 of these lethal bombs per day and the results are far more devastating for us than the barrel bombs.  At least the Syrian air force is targeting terrorists and armed gangs, not civilians in their markets, schools, or homes.
Rumours about new Russian weapons (and forces) reached several cities, including Aleppo. So, we are not expecting a quiet, peaceful Eid al Adha!

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