VIDEO: Saudi Arabia is ISIS Used Car Dealer ~ Dr Bashar Al Jaafari

16th November 2016

“SANA: Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said that submitting a draft resolution to the UN General Assembly by the Saudi delegation which criticizes what it called “the state of human rights in Syria” is an odd paradox as Al Saud regime is the last one who has the right to talk about human rights at the UN in light of its record of legal and human underdevelopment towards its citizens and foreign visitors.

In a statement at a UN General Assembly session held on Tuesday night to discuss the aforementioned report in front of the 3rd committee on human rights, al-Jaafari wondered if the Saudi regime would be ready to apply the items it included in the draft resolution on its own constant violations of human rights in Saudi Arabia.

Syria’s Representative said that the involvement of Al Saud and Qatar’s Al Thani in terrorism and their sponsorship for it is known to all, as evidence by Wikileaks leaks and confessions by US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and VP Joe Biden.

He also pointed out to the report by Toyota that was issued based on a request by Syria and Russia who provided the company with thousands of photos of the cars supplied to ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and the report showed that Toyota sold 60,000 4WD cars to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Emirates, and Jordan, and these cars ended up in the possession of ISIS.

Al-Jaafari noted that Saudi terrorism isn’t new in the region and the world, as its fingerprints are still visible in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Iraq, Libya, Chechnya, New York, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Paris, Nice, Boston, Belgium, Lebanon, and even the southern and eastern parts of Saudi Arabia, adding that US President-elect Donald Trump adressed Al Saud and told them that the Wahabi groups they created around the world to murder and destroy will not protect them; rather they will turn on them and devour them.

He said that the submitted report shows the hysteria and political impotence of Al Saud and its partners in the face of the victories achieved by the Syrian Army and its allies against the Saudi-Qatari terrorism, wondering how Saudi Arabia, a primitive semi-state that isn’t event part of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights can submit a draft resolution against Syria regarding human rights, adding that after such a step it’s not unlikely that ISIS or Jabhat al-Nusra or Boko Haram will chair the UN peacekeeping office next year.

Syria’s Representative pointed out to the political extortion and mafia-like behavior of the Saudi regime when it threatened the UN Secretary-General to cut off funds to UN programs to force him to disregard its actions in Yemen and exclude them from a report on children and armed conflicts.

Al-Jaafari said that it’s shameful that the Saudi ambassador in Washington Abdullah Al Saud would liken the Saudi aggression on Yemen to a “husband beating his wife,” a statement which shows how intellectually and culturally regressive and impotent he is.

He then turned to Qatar, saying it also has no right to talk about human rights due to its sponsorship of Takfiri terrorism and its lack of constitution or elections, as Qatar’s governing body is reliant on relatives ousting each other.

Elaborating, al-Jaafari cited the incident of the weapons shipment which was being sent by Qatar from Libya to terrorists in Syria by ship via Lebanon in 2011, not to mention the support for ISIS and al-Nusra by Qatar and Israel in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Syria’s Representative said that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are partners with Turkey in sponsoring terrorism and sending tens of thousands of terrorists to Syria via the Turkish borders under the care of the Turkish authorities, which is a documented fact and not mere allegations.

He concluded by calling on member states to avoid falling into the web of the Saudi-Qatari mental abnormality and to vote against the draft resolution that would only extend the terrorist war on Syria and undermine any political solution since it would appoint terrorists as defenders of human rights in Syria.”


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Saudi Arabia is ISIS Used Car Dealer ~ Dr Bashar Al Jaafari

  1. I just watched a disturbing video of a speech delivered by Dr Imtiyaz Sooliman of South African aid organisation Gift of the Givers who run a 3 storey emergency hospital in Syria who claimed that it was the Syrian government and Russians bombing civilians deliberately with barrel bombs and chemical weapons. Can you kindly provide some context as he claims to be a non partisan apolitical commentator whose claims ari from first hand experience of the conflict and yet your interview with Dr Paul claims exactly the opposit

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    • I am in Syria right now and would refute his claims..but I dont have the time or internet to write too much right now, bear with me and I will get back to you. Please remind me if I dont, it is rather chaotic here and easy to forget things. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. x


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