Vanessa Beeley: ‘Creating a Dystopian Shadow State in Syria’ – The British Constitution Group Conference 2016

15th November 2016

The Winchester Declaration

Restoring the Rule of Law to the British people



10.00-10.30   Reception openRefreshments for people to buy upon arrival.

11.00-11.10   Welcome address – A State of Treason and what we must all now do.   Brian Gerrish (compere for the day) 10 mins

11.10-11.30   The Foundation of the Rule of Law.  John Bingley  20 mins

11.30-11.40   Global entrapment by the Central Banking System. Justin Walker 10 mins

11.40-12.00   Globalisation and the United Nations.   Sandi Adams  20 mins

BREAK  12.00 – 12.20

12.20-12.30   The Language of Deception.  Max McCann  10 mins

12.30-12.50   Treason by the Judiciary and Mortgage Fraud.  Guy Taylor, Tom Crawford and Melanie Stansbury   20 mins

12.50-13.10   Article 61 of Magna Carta – winning against the lawbreakers.  Davy Jones 20 mins

13.10-13.30   Reasserting the NHS constitution.  Kay Woodward  20 mins

LUNCH  13.30 – 15.00


15.00-1530    Creating A Dystopian Shadow State In Syria  Vanessa Beeley  30 mins

15.30-15.50   Defenceless Britain – an Act of Treason.  David Ellis 20 mins

15.50-16.00   The subversion of our police service.  John Hurst  10 mins

16.00-16.20   Business Banking in the UK & Ireland, where it has been and where it needs to go – an insider’s perspective  Colum Canning  20 mins

16.20-16.40   A System of Sovereign Economics – harnessing debt-free and interest-free Sovereign National Credit to fund the nation.   David Pidcock 20 mins

BREAK  16.40 – 17.00

17.00-17.20  Nation States and The Westphalian Order  Alex Thomson  20 mins

17.20-17.40  Who are we, the British?  David Scott 20 mins

17.40-18.00  Finale – The Restoration Amendment – Independent MPs (introduce Nick Chance) – A call to action – Fundraising strategy – Starting new Rule of Law constitutional campaigning groups – actual reading of the Winchester Declaration  Brian Gerrish & Justin Walker

Tickets: The British Constitution Group

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