EAST ALEPPO LIBERATION: Vanessa Beeley and Andrew Ashdown Speak with Tom Duggan in Damascus

2nd January 2017

This interview was given to Tom Duggan, an englishman who has been living in Damascus since the start of the dirty war against Syria. It was given shortly after our return from the first trip to East Aleppo shortly after the liberation of the majority of districts that had been under Nusra Front-led terrorist and militant rule for the last almost five years.

At that point, only one 2km square was left under Nusra Front control and negotiations for evacuation of 4000 militants and around 10,000 of their families were ongoing.

We were privileged to be able to visit many of the districts, immediately after liberation and to receive first hand, the joyful and emotional testimonies from civilians, finally able to escape the Nusra Front brutality and oppression thanks to the momentous victory of the Syrian Arab Army and their allies. Watch ~

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