WHITE HELMETS: Aleppo Based Journalist Khaled Iskef Exposes Funding Streams and Al Qaeda Ties

23rd May 2017

Inside the shared Al Qaeda & White Helmet centre, Bab Al Nairab, East Aleppo. May 2017. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

The storm of evidence against the NATO and Gulf state multi-million-dollar construct, the White Helmets, is gathering and causing massive schisms in public opinion in the West. Many are now awakening to one of the most powerful “soft power” scams in history, one that has maintained the dirty war on Syria with terrifying consequences for the Syrian people.

Now the “saviour of all mankind” fantasy is being exposed on a daily basis. Evidence left behind by the so called “humanitarian” group in their haste to abandon Aleppo with Nusra Front-led terrorists, is revealing their funding, their extremist roots and allegiances to mass murdering extremist groups, also funded by the US, UK, EU and Gulf states.

Khaled Iskef is an independent journalist, based in Aleppo. Iskef has painstakingly scoured the now deserted schools and buildings that were commandeered by the Nusra allied White Helmets and abandoned when East Aleppo was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army and allies in December 2016. He has connected paperwork and supply chains to complete the bigger picture on the White Helmets and their role as Nusra Front civil defence in the previously, occupied districts of East Aleppo, where Syrian civilians were tortured, executed, starved, raped and universally violated by the many extremist brigades, aided by the NATO state White Helmets.





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