Saving Syria’s Children: the White Helmets connection (Part II)

Fabrication in BBC Panorama 'Saving Syria’s Children'

The previous post on this blog mooted a possible connection between the alleged 26 August 2013 Urm al-Kubra incendiary attack and the then incipient White Helmets, or “Syria Civil Defence”. [1]

Since then evidence has emerged which demonstrates that senior White Helmets were present at Atareb Hospital on 26 August 2013, where they were filmed by BBC cameraman Darren Conway.

Mounir Mustafa

According to the blurb promoting his September 2017 presentation at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham “Mounir Mustafa is the Deputy Head of the Syria Civil Defense”:

When the Syria conflict started, Mounir and his colleagues started an independent emergency response organisation in 2013- known today as the White Helmets.

Mounir Mustafa in the courtyard of Atareb Hospital, Aleppo on 26 August 2013, as alleged incendiary bomb victims arrive. (32:23 BBC Panorama Saving Syria’s Children). To Mustafa’s right is another senior White Helmet, “Captain” Ali…

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