“F*ck Humanitarian Aid Agencies”


Moria Concentration Camp for refugees on Lesvos, Greece. 2016. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

The thread I have published below appeared on Twitter today and I think it is worth sharing. My experience of visiting the Moria “refugee camp” on Lesvos Island in Greece in June 2016 was equally shocking. This was a concentration camp. Barbed wire curled above the two deep cages of iron that enclosed thousands of distressed and traumatised human beings who were only allowed out periodically and with the permission of the omni-present guards.


This child had a wound to her head that had not received treatment. Her mother was suffering with kidney problems, we went to buy medicine for her as nothing was being provided inside the camp. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Nobody was allowed in without complicated permissions. In fact some of those who attended the Refugee Conference alongside myself and Prof. Tim Anderson did get in without permission and were arrested.


With one of the familes in Moria Refugee Camp in June 2016. We bought kidney medicine for this mother who told us nobody was providing treatment for her kidney stones in the camp.

I am told that over 6000 refugees are crammed into a camp that was designed to hold only 2000. Those we were able to meet and talk to complained of having no medicine or treatment for chronic or even open wounds and festering injuries received during their journey. The minority of refugees were from Syria, perhaps less than 20%. Most were from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Congo, Iran, Senegal, Eritrea, Bangladesh, Algeria, Morocco.


This child was clearly traumatised by her experiences. At least her family were all together, I have been told many children have been separated from their families. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

All were bewildered and in a state of shock, unable to comprehend their living conditions in a Western “democracy”. Local Greek NGOs spoke to me more recently about horrifying levels of prostitution and child trafficking in these camps.


Here is the thread:

“FUCK humanitarian aid workers, a thread (from someone who’s actually worked with them:

Humanitarian aid workers are one of the largest fronts for the refugee crisis in Europe. It wouldn’t be half the crisis it is if humanitarian aid workers actually gave a shit.

These people are here to do “charity”. they’re here to feel good about themselves and leave. They’re here for a pity party and that’s it. They don’t actually help, in many cases they make shit worse.

the Anarcho-communist community here in Athens Greece has done more for refugees than any humanitarian aid NGO, including the fucking UNHCR.

Today when I went to interview an Afghan lady and explain the deal for applying asylum here, they were pressuring me to just translate her the legalese bullshit and get her out of there. They were dumping her entire future on her self, when she was not even in sound mind.

The guy I was working with didn’t understand that this woman’s future was in his hands. Whether she is reunited with her husband or whether she dies addicted to drugs on the streets of Athens are literally in his fucking hands.

I wish I could say this is an isolated case, but it isn’t. This is literally every single fucking case every asylum office worker and humanitarian aid worker goes through. They literally don’t give a shit, human beings are just numbers and names to them.

They give them the bare minimum to survive (food, water, and a bathroom) and keep them in living conditions far worse than back home, and then they get pissy with the refugees when they get frustrated and upset.

one of my close friends even told me the refugees were punching out windows and taking glass to cut themselves with because otherwise the aid workers wouldn’t attend to their needs unless they were literally FUCKING BLEEDING TO DEATH

This is actually the normal and average shit that i’ve mentioned thus far. It gets much much fucking worse, I’ll save that for another thread though because the normal shit is enough to churn anyone’s stomach.

they pressure the translators who are dealing with suffering people and trying to build trust with them to just grill the refugees. They get kicked around by literally everyone, and it’s especially bad for the young boys and unaccompanied women here.

Unaccompanied female refugees are a small small minority, but one of the worst living in Europe. Europeans literally wipe the floor with them and even their fellow migrant men try to take advantage of them. Half are victims of rape, especially by turkish traffickers.

You’d expect this lack of care from fucking police officers or something, but the volunteers treat the refugees like police treat prisoners. That’s really how it fucking is here.

They dump heavy decisions on mentally ill refugees of unsound mind, as i witnessed today. And then they pass it off as “ethical reasons” that they don’t take extra care to help the mentally disturbed.

Which again, if you’re going to be working with unaccompanied women, how the fuck are you gonna help them when half of them are victims of rape and as a result have untreated psychological issues which prevent them from even understanding whats going on much less making decisions

It’s not just the women though, it’s the teenage boys. Older European men rape the young teenage boys who are unaccompanied here and they go along with it because they need to survive.

Many many many of these young boys are mentally disturbed and belong in a hospital. Instead they’re thrown around and yelled at by self-righteous “volunteer aid workers”. Half of them have a head full of gray hair despite being under 20 years old.

beardless young boys with the hair of 60 year old men, think about that.
hair doesnt get like that naturally at that age. It happens because of untreated PTSD. hair that looks like this is a normal fucking sight on an 18 year old refugee boy here in Greece/Europe.

Also because these refugees tend to come from conservative Middle Eastern, Central Asian, South Asian, and North/Central African backgrounds, speaking about their sexual experiences (most of which entails sexual assault and rape) is a large taboo, so they just hold it all in.

In my short time being here I’ve already met multiple severely mentally disturbed refugees. Many have gone severely insane and lost all agency, Grown men and women with the minds of young children induced by trauma and pain. They get abused and thrown around by the aid workers.

The “child protection” programs are not much better. They are actually the relatively benign aspect of humanitarian aid work. They have a bunch of distressed and traumatized teenage boys and boys in their early 20s and let them play video games for a few hours, thats it.

That’s right, you heard “boys in their early 20s” in child protection programs, they lie about their age because that’s the only way they’ll have any place to live out any sort of normalcy in their lives.

They teach them virtually no skills, and most of the volunteers don’t understand what the fuck these kids are going through outside their time at the children’s program. They have 16-20 year old boys sit down to watch children’s theater of people pretending to be birds.

Basically, the only sort of counseling young boy refugees, a sizeable portion of of whom are rape victims, get in Greece/Europe is VIDEO GAMES

I don’t know about yall, but when I see someone of my own background or a similar background, I think of that person as my own. Way I see it the streets of Greece/Europe are lined with my own brothers and sisters begging for their survival.

They cannot go back. The boys at the child protection programs came from FUCKED places. Including occupied ISIS territory, where they likely witnessed beheadings and massacre, and Taliban territory, where the kids themselves told me they’d beheaded if they go back.

Keep in mind these guys are 16-20 years old.

There’s also a whole other rabbit hole I could go down about the volunteers who are actually abusing, raping, beating, and manipulating the refugee men and women for money and personal gain here. But I think this is enough for now.

As for the topic of rape, the people who abuse these refugees know they will stay quiet because of the conservative cultures they come from where any mention of sex, including talking about sexual assault/rape is taboo, in virtually all cases it goes unpunished.

If you are a Shia, Sunni, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Believer in a God, Agnostic, Atheist, Human. Basically anyone with a fucking moral system, please RT this thread. Today I witnessed only the basic shit and my head is fully fucked.

By the way, most of the refugees are from the following countries: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Congo, Iran, Senegal, Eritrea, Bangladesh, Algeria, Morocco.”

End of Twitter thread.

I have reached out to the author of this thread to gather more details and information on what he seems to have experienced among the people uprooted by Western brutal imperialism.


Another view of Moria Concentration Camp, Lesvos, Greece. 2016. Photo: Vanessa Beeley

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  1. Quite a few valid points touched on in this discourse. However, the word FUCK in all its variations are used so often that sometimes its difficult to “get to grips” as to who is in fact fucking who! Use this “adverb” less often and/or look up a substitute in the dictionary and you’ll make a far better case!!

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