SYRIA: OPCW investigation is “not a viable one” – Scott Ritter

John Kiriakou of Loud and Clear interviews Scott Ritter, former United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. Ritter has consistently been highly critical of the so-called “chemical weapon” investigations in Syria – criticising the OPCW/FFM methodology and evidence “chains of custody” – “I did this in Iraq and I was very good at it” Ritter tells Kiriakou early on in the interview.

Ritter explains that his methods developed in Iraq were adopted by the OPCW and therefore Ritter “knows what needs to be done”. ” Ritter says:

What I can say without fear of being contradicted, is what the OPCW did, what its FFM (fact finding mission) did in Syria, investigating both the Khan Sheikhoun incident and the Douma incident did not adhere to anywhere near these standards. It is not a viable investigation and therefore its conclusions cannot be accepted […] every aspect of what they say happened can’t be proved”

Ritter goes on to describe the sources used by the OPCW to validate their case in Syria:

With the OPCW in Syria, they can’t prove anything. They used, as their primary sources, in many cases, their only sources – the opposition, the anti-Assad opposition [..] they use Al Qaeda as a primary source. They used the White Helmets, the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) which are nothing more than adjuncts of Al Qaeda. They operate under the umbrella of Al Qaeda, the protection of Al Qaeda, they take their orders from Al Qaeda. This is not the kind of source that a credible investigatory body relies upon when making decisions about what occurred inside Syria [..] they (OPCW) eliminate bias, they go straight in and they treat these Al Qaeda witnesses as if they were credible sources, they are not”

Listen to the full interview here:

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