SYRIA: Dr Bashar Al Jaafari addresses UNSC New York

New York in 29/4/2020

(Translation is not edited)

Mr. President,

First of all, I would like to thank my colleague ambassador of the Dominican Republic for the presidency of his country for the current month.

Mr. President,

All Security Council resolutions regarding the situation in my country, Syria, have confirmed a crisis that no one can turn around, that is the necessity of the full commitment of all member states, both within and outside this council, to respect the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic Its Independence, unity and integrity of its territory. However, eight years since the adoption of its first relevant resolution, the security council is still unable to impose respect for this fundamental principle on its member states, although no realistic and sustainable solution to the crisis can be imagined without the full foundation.

Mr. President,

Nine years have passed since the so-called “Syrian crisis”, which is actually a terrorist war launched by the governments of well-known states, the game of domination has expanded to legislation intervention in the affairs of Syria and other countries of our region and shed the blood of their children and loot Her riches have proved to be false.

Nine years of weapons used against my country and their forms ranging from a massive media war to an investment in terrorism and the welfare of criminal organizations, direct military intervention, direct military intervention, bombing, aggression and occupation by the United States and France Britain, turkey and Israel, including the recent Israeli aggression two days ago, which led to the death of three civilians and wounded four others, economic terrorism and collective punishment of the Syrian people by imposing one-sided forced measures.

All are in grave violation of international law and the provisions of the charter of the United Nations and in a challenge to the security Council’s mandate, resolutions and its ability to fulfil its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security.

Mr. President,

My delegation reiterates that we will not abandon Syria’s sovereignty, unity and the integrity of Syria no matter how much pressure and conspiracy, and we will not abandon the liberation of our occupied land, whether it is American, Turkey, Israeli or their organization Terrorist Agent for them, any presence of foreign military forces on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic without the express consent of the Syrian government is aggression and occupation, and will be treated accordingly in accordance with our national Constitution and our rights provided by international law.

Mr. President,

The Turkish regime has not only violated its obligations under the sochi, tana and Moscow and supported the armed terrorist groups belonging to the various organizations it has transferred to idlib governorate, but also strengthens its military presence on the territory of my country through the introduction of convoy with weapons and other heavy equipment on a daily basis to support armed terrorist organizations. Not only did the Turkish Minister of defense have recently infiltrated the Syrian governorate of idlib to hold meetings with the leaders of some of the terrorist organizations in it to continue investing in terrorism and prepare for upcoming rounds of armed clashes.

In this area, the representatives of the states participating in this meeting are aware that not only many infantry units of the Turkish armed forces have been moved into the occupied Syrian territory, but that Turkish air defence systems are introduced and deployed.

Turkey has strengthened its military forces in idlib with anti-aircraft missiles, which have arrived from the United States of America in violation of the principles of international law and the provisions of the charter.

The presence of Turkish air defence systems in the Syrian province of idlib proves turkey’s real goals: the sustainability of its occupation of Syrian territory, especially since the purpose of these air defence media on the occupied Syrian territory is undoubtedly to destroy the great air targets of aircraft and aircraft, and This clearly means that it will not be used against extreme terrorist groups, which are actually an ally of the Turkish regime.

My delegation is concerned with the danger of these turkish air defence systems falling into the hands of terrorist organizations in idlib such as the Ahrar al Sham, Haras al Deen and the uzbek Islamic party in Syria, which could lead to unpredictable consequences here.

Mr. President,

Over the years, the Turkish regime has brought tens of thousands of terrorists from Central Asia, the caucasus, the turkmen, the uyghur and others to my country, yet many of the theorists in this council and in the secretariat have been blind if they do not mention this Terrorist activity in any of their reports.

The Turkish regime today is expanding its sponsorship of terrorism by recruiting, publicly and in sight of the whole world, recruiting foreign and Syrian terrorists to fight in Libya for attractive monthly salaries for every terrorist, and the transfer of thousands of terrorists Turkish Herat to Libya without stopping or accountability.

The world media has been mature with images of hundreds of terrorists that erdogan moved to Libya and killed there. My European colleagues in this council know the extent of the threat this turkish behavior poses to the security of Europe and the world, but the alliance of their states in NATO with turkey pushed it to impose the silence of the graves on the security council as if this is not about his mandate, neither soon nor From afar.

In this area, while maintaining the credibility of the security council as well as in respect of the international support received by the Moscow agreement, the political and military leaders in turkey are required to focus their work on the implementation of this agreement instead of doing these plays and continue to escape from Take up their responsibility to implement it.

Mr. President,
Terrorist organizations have taken advantage of the calm period following the Moscow agreement and the global concern of efforts to address the corona epidemic to re-organize their forces with the support of the American and Turkish Occupation Forces, as the leadership of the organization announced the mid-month The ongoing restructuring of its ranks and the formation of three new fighter brigades in preparation for upcoming clashes in North-West Syria, which confirms the need for your council to commit the support of terrorism to stop it, and confirms the necessity and priority of supporting the efforts of the Syrian state Fight terrorism and remove this tumor from the Syrian body to complete the process of re-security and stability and achieve a peaceful solution under the leadership and ownership of Syria and without any external intervention.

Thank you Mr. President.

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