Turkish occupation terrorists break ceasefire, attack Syrian Arab Army in Hama

A short report from Syrian war analyst, Ibrahim Mohammad:  

On Saturday afternoon the so-called “Rouse the Believers Operation Room” claimed responsibility for launching several Grad missiles on the surrounding of Jableh city, targeting Hmemim air base, most of their missiles were shot down while the rest fell in some farming lands, our artillery retaliated to the source of fire.

The mentioned operation room include several terrorist factions such as (Hurras Al-Deen, Jabhat Nusrat Al-Islam, Ansar Al-Islam, Ansar al-Tawhid and others), which all are affiliated to the Al Qaeda terrorist organisation.

Yesterday at dawn the so called Hurras Al-Deen (Guardians of Religion) Organization, carried out an attack on the sites of the Syrian Arab Army in the axis of Tanjara – Al-Manara towns in Al-Ghab Plain, Hama northwestern countryside, using drones loaded with explosives and a group of suicide bombers, which led to the martyrdom of 26 Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

Terrorists media outlets confirmed the killing of at least 13 militants while the true numbers are expected to be far more than that.

Due to the counter attack by the SAA forces, today at dawn, the terrorists were forced to retreat from all the sites that they advanced to, the map of control is back as it was.

26 pure souls in our sky..

1_ Hero martyr, First Lieutenant Muhammad Qaddura
2_ Hero martyr, Lieutenant Tawfiq Sarem
3_ Hero martyr Ahmed Fatouh
4_ Hero martyr Tamim Al-Hassan
5_ Hero martyr Muhammad Bakdash
6_ Hero martyr Hussein Alyan
7_ Hero martyr Hassan Sane’a
8_ Hero martyr Ali Hamameh
9_ Hero martyr Aghyad Muhanna
10_ Hero martyr Yusef Mahfoud
11_ Hero martyr Kadan Suleiman
12_ Hero martyr Ragheb Al-Ali
13_ Hero martyr Maher Barakat
14_ Hero martyr Omar Al-Jahjah
15_ Hero martyr Abd Al-Karim Hassan
16_ Hero martyr Yazid Al-Salmo
17_ Hero martyr Ahmed Al Khansa
18_ Hero martyr Adnan Mansour
19_ Hero martyr Gheyath Al-Dairi
20_ Hero martyr Musa Hammad
21_ Hero martyr Milad Karabit
22_ Hero martyr Alaa El-Sayed
23_ Hero martyr Jawdat Saeed
24_ Hero martyr Ayman Jabbour
25_ Hero martyr Tayseer Ahmed
26_ Hero martyr Ibrahim Mahmoud

May they all rest in eternal peace. Glory to Syria.


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