Catherine Austin Fitts – we are watching the “mother of all debt entrapments”

Catherine Austin Fitts – Catherine Austin Fitts began her career on Wall Street and eventually rose to managing director and member of the board of the firm Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. In 1989, she was appointed Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner in the first Bush administration. Following this appointment, Catherine became president of The Hamilton Securities Group, an investment bank and financial software developer based in Washington D.C. She is currently the managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.

Terrifying interview which covers genetic engineering, contact tracing, surveillance strategy, vaccines, nano-particles. Focus on the debt entrapment and financial double-dealing under cover of Covid-19. 5G, crowd control technology.

“We are financing the people attacking and destroying us”

“We have two choices, one is freedom, one is slavery”


3 thoughts on “Catherine Austin Fitts – we are watching the “mother of all debt entrapments”

  1. If Trump is serious about winning and not playing games, he would ask Cynthia McKinney to join him as VP. That would make the greatest end run around the power people and leave them in the lurch.
    It would justify those 200 IQ claims. It would prove against all accusations that he is no sort of racist. And we would have a perfect future President in the wings. There…problem solved!!!


  2. What is the possibility of NESARA and also GESARA being implemented? The history of NESARA regarding the plight of the farmers vs the bankers, is interesting. While the overall debt has skyrocketed, areas of ‘The Debt Clock’ are running backwards!
    The theory is Donald Trump and team, are running a reset that will sideline the bankers, after retrieving the power of the US FED Reserve- from the U.K., breaking up ‘The 3 Colonies of Power’. The Vatican is greatly castrated from their dealings and power now. Remember when AGBarr made a trip there, the Vatican police raided the financials, suddenly 19+ priests came down with CV19? Pope disappeared in the doorway…oops- turned off hologram too soon, ETC.
    NESARA and a tremendous money reset may be taking place now. Why is nobody, but few on the fringe, talking about it, debunking the theory?


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