CENSORED: If you questioned why we marched against Covid-19 measures, shame on you – “we are the people”

We were all there because we question government. When the masses are supporting kids wearing masks in schools, we are the people who have spent entire evenings trawling through peer reviewed science and censored information and are wondering who makes these decisions when more under 19s died from flu, and it now turns out that every one of the supposed Covid deaths had serious underlying conditions.

Covid-19 measures – how far should they go and when should they stop?

I also see little concern over the draconian imposition of censorship and the attack on civil rights and on normal human interaction, which have been clearly shown by the statistics to have no appreciable effect on the course of the virus – though there still seem to be more planned for our ‘protection’ – many of which involve the institution of real time surveillance the likes of which humanity has never experienced.

Psychologically locked down.

I’m afraid we’ve chosen a course where we decided to hand in the keys of our lives and our freedoms to the Government in return for the illusion of safety. From this there is only one escape — but that would involve something I’m not sure we’re yet ready to do.

COVID-19: “Excess deaths” or State-sponsored “homicide”?

Throughout the course of the COVID Operation, we have seen that COVID “attribution” data has been unreliable and manipulated. World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) changed Cause of Death guidelines. Financial incentives are part of the manipulated equation, unvalidated tests are used, “presumptive COVID “cases” count as “COVID cases”, distinctions between death WITH COVID-19 and deaths BY/FROM COVID-19 are not being made. Importantly, comorbidities such as age, cardiovascular health etc. are largely negated as the spotlight burns on COVID-19. All of these biases corrupt the data.